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This is the new chocolate from Ritter Sport

Ritter likes to experiment: new flavors, mini chocolate bars and modern packaging. But that was never there before.

Ritter’s love of experimenting is well known: mini bars, XL bars and countless flavors. But now there is something never seen before – the duo squares. “The first chocolate bar that combines two varieties,” writes the chocolate manufacturer in a press release.

The new creation has been in stores since the beginning of January. This is not just one, but “four varieties”. And the whole thing in XL size (250 grams each). The manufacturer writes: “Ritter Sport Duo is a large-format chocolate bar in which two different, yet optimally complementary fillings form the perfect pair.”

Eight new types of chocolate in four squares

The flavors are:

  • Crunchy Duo: Crispy Cream and Choco Crunch
  • Sweet’n Salty Duo: Caramel Crush and Big Brownie
  • Fruity Duo: Crazy Cassis and Be My Berry
  • Coffee Duo: Milky macchiato and crunchy coffee

Large food banks account for 30 percent of the German market

The new product is intended to boost business for Ritter again. The aim is to reach new customer groups with “Duo” and is primarily keeping the younger target group in mind, according to the industry journal. “Duo is one of the focal points for the company in the coming year,” said Sven Hoffmann, Head of Innovation at Ritter, to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”.

Why are the big tables so important to knights? According to the experts at “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, almost 30 percent of the German market is made up of large food banks. The clear number one in the brand segment “with a recent market share of 29 percent in terms of value is the Mondelēz brand Milka with the 300 gram bar.” Ritter Sport, however, only ranked fifth last fall with 2.8 percent.

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