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Many adults fail at this school assignment – you too?

t-online regularly challenges you with tricky puzzles in the video out of here. Do you consider yourself a “mastermind”? Rack your brains over our tasks.

Our tricky puzzle videos are about logic, math and shapes. The tasks present you with a real challenge! As always, time is precious. Although of course we cannot check whether you take a little longer and press “Pause”. Feel free to use this opportunity if it is necessary, because the tasks are quite tricky.

You can find the solution to the puzzle in the video above – or here.

Every weekend we have puzzle fun ready for you. And it’s not only for real puzzle freaks, but also guarantees a short thoughtful time in between.

So that you don’t miss anything, we are showing the videos of the last few weeks here for all puzzle fans:

Video | Half of our number is half of 400 – what are we looking for?

Source: t-online

Video | Series of numbers goes viral: Millions argue about the right solution

Source: t-online

Video | Just Move One Digit – Can You Solve It?

Source: t-online

Video | Follow two rules of math: Are you tripping over this problem?

Source: t-online

Video | Logic riddle: Two fathers and sons in front of the mirror – why are there only three to be seen?

Source: t-online

Video | Only one match needs to be struck – but which one?

Source: t-online

Can you find the solution? In the current puzzle above and in the other videos.

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