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Manufacturer recalls Grundig power strip

The manufacturer EDCO is recalling Grundig power strips. Possible overheating can lead to injury. This is what those affected should do.

Power strips are practical helpers in your own four walls. If you have more electronic devices than sockets, you can easily solve this problem using the strips. But there are potentially dangerous specimens in some German households: the manufacturer EDCO is currently recalling Grundig brand items.

As EDCO writes on its website, an investigation into the safety of the cables found them to be too thin. If overloaded, this can cause the cable to overheat. There may be a risk of injury.

The manufacturer asks owners to stop using the power strip. These are items with the following features:

  • Brand: Grundig
  • Product name: Grundig 3-way extension socket
  • Bar/EAN code: 8711292203179
  • Batches: All batches

According to EDCO, the power strips affected by the recall should, at best, be returned to the branch where they were purchased. The entire purchase price will be refunded.

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