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Thousands protest against Fico’s judicial reforms

Resistance to Prime Minister Fico’s government is growing in Slovakia. The reason is the government’s attempt to pass a law that critics say would make it more difficult to prosecute corruption.

Thousands of people demonstrated on Thursday evening against the Slovakian government of left-wing nationalist Prime Minister Robert Fico, which has been in office since the end of October.

The protest organized by three opposition parties in the capital Bratislava and several other cities in the EU country was primarily directed against the planned abolition of the USP special prosecutor’s office. This is responsible for investigating organized crime and political crimes.

Opposition sees constitutional state in danger

The opposition warns of a threat to the rule of law and accuses the government of wanting to cover up high-profile corruption cases from previous periods in government of Fico’s party (until 2020).

The protesters carried banners with slogans like “Stop Fico!” and “Fico in prison!”, but also calls for the election of the liberal former foreign minister Ivan Korcok. According to polls, he is the most promising candidate for the opposition in the presidential election in March.

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