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Iran is said to be recruiting criminals for attacks

According to Swedish intelligence sources, Iran is recruiting members of criminal groups to carry out attacks in the country. The attacks are aimed primarily at Israeli and Jewish interests, targets and activities.

The Swedish secret service has accused Iran of using criminal groups to attack Israeli and Jewish facilities in the country. The head of counterintelligence, Daniel Stenling, said in a press conference that Iran was using established criminal networks in Sweden as proxies. He did not provide any details.

“It is about planning and attempting to carry out attacks on Israeli and Jewish interests, targets and activities in Sweden,” said Stenling. His agency sees connections between people in the criminal networks and people who are connected to the Iranian security services.

Recruitment from criminal gangs

According to the secret service, “very young people, even children” could be used for activities that endanger Sweden's security. Sweden has been struggling with serious gang crime for years. Shootings and bomb attacks occur almost every week.

Iran has already used violence in other European countries to silence “critical voices,” it said. Sweden is becoming a theater for Iran's regional conflicts, said Stenling.

Two weeks ago, the police reported “suspicious” gunshots near the Israeli embassy in Stockholm. In February, an activated explosive device was found on the embassy grounds. The ambassador spoke of an “attempted attack.” In both cases, there were no casualties or arrests.

Mossad issues similar warnings

According to Israel's foreign intelligence service Mossad, Iran is behind both incidents. According to media reports, the service warns of Iran's support for terror attacks against Jewish and Israeli institutions before the Olympic Games in Paris. Israeli media reported that, according to the Mossad, Tehran was relying on criminal groups in Europe. The allegations could not be independently verified.

The “Jerusalem Post” named two groups called “Foxtrot” and “Rumba”. They were “directly responsible for violent activities and sponsorship of terrorism in Sweden and throughout Europe”. They had received financial support and instructions from Iran for this.

According to Mossad information, “Foxtrot” is behind the incident in Sweden. This group is otherwise known for murders and drug trafficking and is also active in other European countries. According to reports, the leader of “Foxtrot”, a Swedish citizen with Kurdish roots, was arrested in Iran for criminal activities and then recruited for terrorist activities and released.

Iran takes advantage of growing anti-Semitism

According to Mossad, Iran is trying to use the global wave of anti-Semitism in the wake of the Gaza war to recruit new accomplices for terrorist attacks. Mossad is working with European intelligence services to thwart these activities. Israel has been Iran's declared archenemy since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

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