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Police break up international cocaine gang

In southern Europe and Brazil, police have arrested more than 20 suspects believed to be part of an international drug trafficking gang. Around 800 kilograms of cocaine were seized.

In Spain, Portugal and Brazil, the police have broken up an international drug trafficking gang who are said to have supplied several European countries with cocaine from South America. A total of 24 suspects were arrested during the operation, the Spanish police unit Guardia Civil said.

800 kilograms of cocaine were also confiscated. According to the Guardia Civil, the operation was a success in cooperation between Europol and the Brazilian authorities.

Smuggling route from Brazil to Malaga

The drug dealers had brought “large quantities of cocaine” first via Brazil and then by ship to Málaga in southern Spain, it said. The cocaine was then smuggled to other European countries in double-bottomed vehicles.

The investigation began a year ago. Two members of the Brazilian military were also among the suspects.

Series of achievements against cocaine mafia

In the past few months, investigation successes against the cocaine mafia in Spain have accumulated. According to police reports, two large gangs were busted in April and May. A total of 80 people were arrested and around three tons of cocaine were seized.

In April, another operation in Galicia discovered what the authorities said was “the largest cocaine laboratory in Europe”. The laboratory was run by drug dealers from Mexico and Colombia. At that time there were 18 other arrests.

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