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Venezuela again expels EU election observers

First invited, then disinvited: Venezuela does not want to have any EU election observers in the country for this year's presidential election. According to the government, the reason is the EU's “genocidal sanctions”.

The Venezuelan electoral authority has revoked the invitation to representatives of the European Union to observe the upcoming presidential elections. The reason is the economic sanctions imposed by the EU, said the head of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso.

“Genocidal Sanctions”

The EU is not welcome in Venezuela as long as “the genocidal sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and in particular its government” are in force, said Amoroso. The EU had not yet officially accepted the invitation. Its sanctions are not directed against the government as a whole, but against individuals whom it accuses of undermining democracy.

Two weeks ago, it even lifted sanctions against four Venezuelans, including those against Amoroso, in order to recognize the steps taken before the election. However, Venezuela rejected this as insufficient.

EU demands withdrawal

The EU called on the electoral authority to reconsider its move. “The Venezuelan people should be given the opportunity to elect their next president in credible, transparent and competitive elections supported by international observers, including the European Union, which has a long and excellent record of independent and impartial observation,” said the statement published on Platform X.

Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro wants to be re-elected for another six years in the election on July 28. Last year, he agreed with a US-backed opposition alliance to improve the conditions for a free and fair election – including through international election observers.

Promising Candidate is not allowed to run

However, the largest opposition alliance – Mesa de la Unidad Democrática (PUD) – did not manage to register its preferred candidate. The most promising candidate, Maria Corina Machado, was banned from holding public office for 15 years due to alleged irregularities during her time as a member of parliament. Observers had previously given her the best chances against Maduro.

Venezuela has been in crisis for years

Despite its rich oil reserves, Venezuela has been in a serious political and economic crisis for years. The security forces are cracking down on opponents of the government, and Maduro has filled all key positions in government agencies, state-owned companies and the media with loyal followers.

The economy of the once prosperous country suffers from mismanagement, corruption and international sanctions, which were imposed primarily for violations of the rule of law. According to the UN, more than seven million people have left Venezuela in recent years because of the poverty and violence in the country.

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