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USA sees evidence of Israeli violation of international law

The US government believes it is possible that Israel may have violated international humanitarian law with weapons provided by the US in the Gaza Strip. However, a State Department report leaves a back door open for the Biden government.

According to the American government's assessment, Israel likely violated international law with its use of US-provided weapons in the Gaza Strip.

But the war prevented US officials from being able to determine this with certainty in individual air strikes, said the summary of a US State Department report to be presented to Congress on Friday.

The caveat that it was unable to link specific U.S. weapons to individual attacks by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip could give the U.S. government leeway in making future decisions about whether to restrict the supply of offensive weapons to the ally shall be.

Biden had ordered an investigation

Under pressure from Democrats in Congress, President Joe Biden issued a directive requiring the government to publicly assess for the first time whether Israel is lawfully using US-provided bombs and other security assistance in its conflicts with the Palestinians.

It required the defense and foreign ministries to evaluate reports and allegations that the Israeli military was using the weapons in ways that were inconsistent with international law.

They should also report to Congress whether Israel restricted or obstructed U.S.-backed aid deliveries to civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Israel has said it complies with international law and is investigating allegations of abuses by its security forces. The operation in the Gaza Strip is proportionate to the existential threat posed by the militant Islamist Hamas.

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