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US weather service warns of extremely high waves

In view of huge waves on the west coast of the USA, the US weather service warns of the risk of drowning: “extremely dangerous conditions” prevailed as a result of a violent storm.

Before the turn of the year, the weather service in the USA warned of deadly dangers from huge waves and strong currents. There were “extremely dangerous conditions,” said the National Weather Service (NWS). Waves of up to nine meters high were expected in parts of the US states of California and Oregon as a result of a violent storm.

“Strong waves and life-threatening rip currents pose an exceptional risk of drowning at sea and damage to coastal structures,” the forecasters warned. Torrential currents could “drag swimmers and surfers out to sea.”

High waves have already caused destruction along the California coast.

Already the first damage

Previously, a huge wave swept away several people and vehicles and flooded a hotel in Ventura County, north of the metropolis of Los Angeles. Video footage showed how the meter-high wave washed over a seawall in the city of Ventura and dragged people several meters away. “Due to this wave, eight people were taken to local hospitals,” the local fire department wrote in the online networks. Other passers-by were able to get to safety.

The newspaper “Los Angeles Times” reported that the high waves also destroyed parts of the interior of the nearby hotel “Inn on the Beach” and shattered windows. The hotel was therefore half a meter under water.

Further flooding feared

According to the forecasts, high surf was expected along the entire coast. It said there was a risk of flooding until the evening (local time). “Flooding of low-lying, vulnerable coastal areas such as parking lots, beaches and sidewalks is likely around the time of high tide,” the NWS warned. Large waves could “cause injuries, wash people off beaches and rocks, and capsize small boats near shore.”

Firefighters and authorities worked on Friday to secure the beaches in Ventura. Video footage showed excavators building a large wall to protect houses on the coast. Officials provided sandbags to protect against flooding.

In the summer, the western United States experienced an extreme heat wave with record temperatures. The following winter was unusually wet. According to experts, global warming is causing extreme weather phenomena to occur more and more frequently.

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