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Trump wins Nevada primary

His victory in Nevada was expected: Donald Trump won the Republican primary – he received 26 delegate votes there. His last prominent challenger was not on the ballot.

Former US President Donald Trump has won the Nevada primary in the race for the Republican nomination for the White House. He secured 26 delegate votes there.

His victory was expected. Trump's last serious competitor, Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, rejected the caucus meeting as manipulated. She had already run in another primary election in Nevada on Tuesday. However, this vote only had symbolic value because no delegate votes were awarded.

Although Trump's name was not on the ballot in this primary, Haley failed to get the most votes. Instead, a majority of voters chose the “none of these candidates” option.

Haley thinks she has opportunities in South Carolina

This means that, unlike in the other states, the Republicans in Nevada had two different votes on two different days this year.

The next Republican primary is now scheduled for both candidates at the same time on February 24th in South Carolina. Although Trump clearly dominates the race, Haley remains committed to running in her home state and has many campaign appearances planned there in the coming weeks.

The ex-president's influence remains unbroken

Despite the four criminal trials pending against him, Trump is considered the clear favorite for the Republican nomination. His influence on the party remains unbroken.

If he prevails in the party's internal primaries, the Republicans could officially elect him as their candidate at a party conference in the summer. The actual presidential election takes place at the beginning of November. Everything currently indicates that there will be a new duel between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden, who wants to defend his office.

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