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Trump intensifies incitement against migrants and Biden

Former US President Trump continues to escalate his rhetoric: At an event in Michigan, he referred to migrants as “animals”. He also warned of violence and chaos if he does not win the November elections.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has once again used a campaign appearance to incite against migrants – and has further intensified the tone. Trump claimed that as a result of President Joe Biden's lax migration policy, the United States was faced with an “invasion” of criminals from other countries who came from prisons and “madhouses” and attacked and killed innocent people in the United States.

“The Democrats say, 'Please don't call them animals, they're people.' I say, 'No, they're not people, they're not people, they're animals,'” the Republican said in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

At a campaign rally in Michigan, Donald Trump warned his supporters that the United States would “cease to exist” if he was not re-elected president.

Trump announces “biggest Deportation action of history”.

Under Biden, every US state is a border state and every US city is a border town, Trump claimed. “Because Joe Biden has brought the carnage, the chaos and the killing to us from around the world and dumped it right in our backyards.” Trump continued: “We will stop the looting, the rape, the slaughter and the destruction of our American suburbs, cities and towns.”

If re-elected, he would seal the border on his first day in office. “And we will begin the largest deportation operation in the history of our country,” said the Republican. At the same time, he warned that the country would “cease to exist” if he was not re-elected president.

Again talk of “bloodbath”

Biden is causing a “bloodbath” with his border policy, Trump claimed. He recently put the term “bloodbath” at the center of a speech and showed it in large letters at his standing desk.

At a campaign event in the state of Ohio, Trump spoke about how he wants to make it more difficult to sell Chinese cars on the US market. He added: “If I'm not elected, there will be a bloodbath. It will be a bloodbath for the country.”

The words made waves. Trump's campaign team, however, weighed it down and tried to argue that the 77-year-old had only spoken about the US auto industry and that the “bloodbath” quote had been taken out of context. In Grand Rapids, Trump addressed the controversy and said that an attempt had been made to misattribute the term to him. What Biden is causing is actually a “bloodbath”.

Racist hate speech has been going on for years

The incumbent's likely challenger in the presidential election at the beginning of November has been agitating against minorities, migrants and foreigners for years, regularly uses radical rhetoric, uses hateful and dehumanizing language and makes racist statements.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released in late February, 38 percent of Republican voters and one in five independent voters surveyed say immigration is the most important issue in the United States. According to experts, people who came to the United States illegally are no more likely to commit violent crimes than native-born U.S. citizens.

“Donald Trump uses extreme rhetoric that promotes division, hatred and violence in our country,” Biden campaign communications director Michael Tyler told reporters on Tuesday before Trump's speech. “He emboldens white nationalists and cheers on the disgusting behavior of the far right.”

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