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Tens of thousands protest against President Petro

In Colombia, tens of thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against President Petro's planned reforms. These were the largest protests since he took office.

Tens of thousands of Colombians have demonstrated against left-leaning President Gustavo Petro's reform agenda. In the capital Bogotá, they gathered in Bolivar Square in front of the presidential palace.

People also took to the streets in other cities, such as Cali and Medellín. These were the largest protests against Petro since he took office 20 months ago. Opposition groups, health associations and former allies of the president, whose approval rating is at an all-time low, called for the rallies.

Petro wants to promote social reforms

“I have change, I voted for Petro, but we still have the same situation,” said 64-year-old Martha Estrada, explaining her participation in a demonstration in Bogotá. Many of the demonstrators wore white T-shirts and shouted “Petro out!”

The president had floated the possibility of rewriting the Constitution to advance social reforms that he was unable to enact in the face of opposition from an opposition-dominated Congress and conservative business groups.

Recently, Petro suffered a major defeat when Congress refused to pass a law that would strengthen government control over Colombia's health care system and reduce the cost of medical care. In response to the defeat, Petro issued a decree ordering the takeover of two of the country's largest health insurers.

discontent about guerrilla politics

There have been repeated protests since the former left-wing guerrilla took office in 2022. They have recently gained momentum because Petro's reform plans have alienated many Colombians.

Petro's policy of “complete peace”, which is intended to completely end the decades-long conflicts with guerrilla groups, is also met with many reservations. For some, the government's concessions to armed groups go too far; She points out that the agreements are often ignored by the guerrilla fighters.

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