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Suspected Russian spy arrested near Paris

The Paris anti-terrorism prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into a Russian-Ukrainian man who was seriously injured in the explosion of a homemade explosive device.

French anti-terror investigators are investigating a man of Russian and Ukrainian nationality who was seriously injured in the explosion of a homemade explosive device in a hotel in the outskirts of Paris.

According to the Paris anti-terrorism prosecutor's office, rescue workers treated the 26-year-old on Monday evening for severe burns. Investigators found products and materials for making explosives on site. One of these explosives exploded. The man is in police custody.

Man after Media reports Russian spy

The Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor's Office began investigations into participation in a terrorist criminal organization for the preparation of crimes and possession of explosive devices. The investigation was taken over by the General Directorate for Internal Security.

As the newspaper JDD reported, citing security sources, investigators suspect that the man from Donbass is a Russian spy who is targeting French military equipment destined for Ukraine.

Investigators find means of making explosives

Investigators believe that the attack was carried out by a single perpetrator, although the effectiveness of the explosives he manufactured was probably extremely limited. In the man's hotel room in Roissy, investigators found ammonium nitrate, a main component of many fertilizers, which can also be used to make explosives.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, the injured man told police that he was only trying to produce cell phone batteries when the explosion occurred.

Actions controlled by Russia?

In the run-up to the Olympic Games taking place in Paris this summer, France has repeatedly reported cases of possible Russian influence and attempts at destabilization.

In mid-May, against the backdrop of the Middle East war, there was a paint attack on the Holocaust memorial in Paris, which the authorities suspect was carried out by Russian puppet masters.

The same applies to an operation involving five coffins that were discovered under the Eiffel Tower last weekend. The coffins, which were filled with plaster bags, had French flags on them with the inscription “French soldiers killed in Ukraine”.

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