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Serious allegations against Zambia’s national coach

Zambia won the World Cup dress rehearsal against Germany on Friday. But a few days later, the joy has already evaporated.

Serious allegations against the women’s national coach of Zambia. According to a report by the Guardian, Bruce Mwape is under investigation. The reason for this should be the suspicion of sexual misconduct.

The Zambian football association FAZ has been in contact with Fifa since September 2022. In addition to Mwape, U17 coach Kaluba Kangwa is also under suspicion.

An anonymous source told The Guardian: “If he wants to sleep with someone, you have to say yes. It’s normal for him to sleep with our players.”

Why has no player commented publicly so far? “They face penalties if they dare to say anything about the incident. The federation turns a blind eye to the women’s good results. It’s ugly behind the scenes.”

No statement from Mwape

The “Guardian” also asked Mwape, but he did not receive a statement. Just a reference to the Zambian Football Association FAZ, which reiterated a statement from last September: “While we have not received any official complaints from anyone regarding the allegations, we take these allegations very seriously and have launched an investigation into the matter.”

The allegations against Mwape currently have no consequences. At the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand he should be on the sidelines. The African team forms a group with Japan, Spain and Costa Rica.

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