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Praise from almost everyone for Johnson

Republicans and Democrats have jointly approved billions in additional aid for Ukraine. Speaker Johnson is responsible for this coup in the US House of Representatives. The Trump supporter is now praised by almost everyone.

Claudia Sarre

In the end it was surprising how quickly it happened. A majority of Democratic and Republican members of the US House of Representatives were able to agree on another $60 billion aid package for Ukraine.

This is thanks to Chairman Mike Johnson, the staunchly conservative Republican and supporter of former President Donald Trump. He himself underwent a radical change of heart and convinced even skeptical party colleagues of the necessity of aid to Ukraine.

US media speculates about his motives. Johnson is a deeply religious person, it says. In addition, his son is going to the military academy in the fall. “I'll say it again, it's an old military saying: We'd rather send bullets into the conflict than our boys, i.e. our troops,” Johnson said after the vote.

Praise from republican Party friends…

Mike Johnson received bipartisan praise for his stance – and his negotiating skills: “I'm so proud of Speaker Mike Johnson,” said Republican Michael McCaul on the ABC talk show This Week.

Johnson has undergone a transformation. “At the end of the day, putting the nation before yourself is a sign of courage, and that's exactly what he did. He said: At the end of the day, I will be on the right side of history, regardless of my job,” praised McCaul , who is a strong supporter of additional foreign aid.

… respect from political opponents

Even Mike Johnson's political opponents – the Democrats – paid respect to the speaker afterwards: “Mike Johnson not only put the aid to the vote, but also split the legislative package into individual parts,” said Ro Khanna, a progressive Democrat from California, on the television station ABC.

“I thought that was great; people could vote separately according to their conscience on aid for Taiwan, Israel and Ukraine.” He gave Johnson credit for that and even added that he would support Johnson if there was still a motion for his removal.

Hardliners oppose Johnson

Meanwhile, a few right-wing hardliners in the Republican Party renewed their threat to overthrow Johnson. They categorically reject military aid to Ukraine. Above all, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She said on Fox News yesterday that Johnson's time as speaker was over. He deceived the Republican Party and voters across the country. “He's now working for the Democrats and pursuing the Biden administration's agenda. That speakership is completely over.”

Before President Joe Biden can sign the legislative package, it must pass through the Senate – probably on Tuesday. However, consent there is deemed to have been given.

Claudia Sarre, ARD Washington, tagesschau, April 22, 2024 8:31 a.m

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