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Political veteran Sanders is running for the US Senate again

The left-wing politician Sanders wants to run again for a seat in the US Senate. The 82-year-old announced this in a video. He declared the upcoming presidential election the “most consequential” for the United States.

Another old man wants to know again in the US elections in November. Left-liberal Bernie Sanders has announced his candidacy for a fourth term as US Senator. The election in November was “the most consequential we have ever experienced,” said the 82-year-old in a video. “Will the United States continue to function as a democracy, or will we transition to an authoritarian form of government?”.

In order to run again, Sanders raised the question of whether the US could overcome “unprecedented income and wealth inequality” and create a government that works for everyone and a political system that is not dominated by wealthy campaign donors.

Defeats to Clinton and Biden

Sanders has served in the Senate as an independent senator for Vermont since 2007, but belongs to the Democratic faction. Previously, he was a member of the US House of Representatives for 16 years. Sanders, who still enjoys strong support in Vermont, is almost certain to be re-elected to the Senate. He is the second oldest serving U.S. senator after 90-year-old Republican Chuck Grassley.

Sanders ran for the Democratic presidential nomination twice and narrowly lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Four years later, after initial success, he threw his support behind Joe Biden, who then took the lead in the primaries.

Very popular with young voters

Sanders describes himself as a “democratic socialist.” With his decidedly left-wing positions in social and economic policy and his commitment to climate protection, the politician inspired many young voters during his presidential campaigns. President Biden has supported Sanders on most domestic policy issues.

However, he has remained an uncomfortable warning, for example as a sharp critic of Israel's conduct of the war in the Gaza Strip. Sanders also combined the announcement of his renewed candidacy for the Senate with criticism of Israel. The country had “the absolute right” to defend itself against the “terrorist attack” by the radical Islamic Palestinian organization Hamas, “but it did not and does not have the right to go to war against the entire Palestinian people,” he said.

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