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Photo of sleeping polar bear awarded

A bed made of ice and yet it looks cozy: the picture by the British photographer Sarikhani received the most votes in the “Wildlife Photographer of The Year” competition at the London Museum of Natural History.

A polar bear falling asleep nestled against an iceberg: The photo by British photographer Nima Sarikhani has won the audience award in the “Wildlife Photographer of The Year” competition at the Natural History Museum in London. Sarikhani took the picture on the Spitsbergen archipelago, which is part of Norway. The bear prepared a “bed” in the ice with its paws before lying down to rest, according to the story behind the photo.

The photo awakens very different emotions in people. Some see it as peaceful, others as melancholic. Sarikhani hopes that there is reason to hope that the consequences of climate change can still be partially averted. “Polar bears are incredibly adaptable and in some areas their numbers are increasing, it's not too late to fix the mess we've made.”

75,000 people voted

The prize is offered by the London Museum of Natural History and is part of a larger competition that is accompanied by a special exhibition every year. 75,000 people took part in the vote, with a total of 25 photos to choose from. This year's top five can be viewed here.

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