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Part of collapsed bridge in Baltimore blown up

In March, the freighter “Dali” rammed a highway bridge in the US port city of Baltimore, causing it to collapse. Now another part of the structure has been blown up – in order to normalize shipping traffic again.

Seven weeks after the collapse of a highway bridge in the US port city of Baltimore, part of it was demolished in a controlled manner. This is intended to free the cargo ship “Dali”, which has almost completely blocked access to the important commercial port on the US east coast in recent weeks.

At the end of March, the “Dali” hit a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge over the Patapsco River. The 2.5-kilometer-long, four-lane highway bridge collapsed as a result. Part of the enormous structure crashed onto the ship, making it impossible to remove it. The damaged “Dali” is still at the scene of the accident, but is to be moved out of the way so that shipping traffic can return to normal.

Crew still on board the ship

After the accident, the crew stated that the ship could no longer be steered. The investigation into the cause of the accident is still ongoing. Among other things, it will be examined whether the crew of the “Dali” knew that the ship had already had problems when it left port. The 21-person crew from India and Sri Lanka are still on board the ship as part of the investigation.

The crew had sent out an emergency signal shortly before the accident, which enabled the police to stop traffic across the bridge. However, the warning came too late for several construction workers who were busy repairing the bridge. Six of them lost their lives. Two workers were rescued.

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