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One dead and injured in roller coaster crash

A person has died when a roller coaster derailed at a theme park in Stockholm. According to police, several passengers were injured. The park has been cleared.

According to the operator, one person died in an accident with a roller coaster car in the Swedish amusement park “Gröna Lund”. There are also several injured, said a spokeswoman for the park in Stockholm. According to the information, the roller coaster “Jetline” was affected.

The Swedish television station SVT reported, citing rescue workers, that a car had derailed and got stuck. Then people fell out. Others were trapped and had to be rescued from a height. According to the police, at least seven children and adults are being treated in clinics because of the incident.

A carriage of the roller coaster “Jetline”.

Amusement park cleared after accident

“Gröna Lund” spokeswoman Annika Troselius said: “This must not happen. We are all taken and shocked and are concentrating on taking care of those affected and our employees.” The park was cleared to facilitate rescue work. Even a helicopter was on duty.

According to the park, the “Jetline” roller coaster travels at up to 90 kilometers per hour over a course that is 800 meters long and up to 30 meters high. It was put into operation in 1988.

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