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“Mary Poppins” star Johns dies

In the film musical “Mary Poppins” she shone in the role of mother Winifred Banks: Now the actress Glynis Johns has died at the age of 100. She began her career on stage as a child.

British actress Glynis Johns, known from the classic film “Mary Poppins”, is dead. She died on Thursday (local time) at the age of 100 in an assisted living home in Los Angeles. This is what her long-time manager Mitch Clem told CNN and other media in the USA and Great Britain:

Today is a dark day for Hollywood. We mourn not only our dear Glynis, but also the last sparks of the golden age of Hollywood.

Glynis Johns, here in 1951, was already on stage at the age of twelve and appeared in several films.

In the Oscar-winning Disney musical “Mary Poppins” (1964) with Julie Andrews, Johns shone in the role of the energetic mother and women’s rights activist Winifred Banks. She hires the nanny played by Andrews, who ends up with the rich London family with her umbrella and uses a lot of imagination to turn the lives of the children Michael and Jane upside down. In the film, Johns sings the song “Sister Suffragette.”

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Johns was born in 1923 and came from a family of actors. She appeared on stage for the first time in a ballet when she was just twelve years old. Her first film role was in “South Riding” in 1938. In a career spanning more than 60 years, she has appeared in dozens of films, television films and plays. In 1960 she was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress for her role in the family drama “The Sundowners” alongside Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum. In 1973, she received a Tony Award for the role of Desiree Armfeldt in the Broadway play “A Little Night Music.”

On her 100th birthday, she appeared quite quick-witted in an interview with the US broadcaster ABC 7. Age didn’t make any difference to her, she said at the time: “I looked very good at any age.”

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