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Largest police operation against cannabis plantations

In Britain, more than 182,000 plants have been confiscated and over 900 people arrested in the largest crackdown to date against illegal cannabis plantations. Guns and cash were also confiscated.

182,422 plants worth up to £130 million (€150 million) have been seized in Britain’s largest police crackdown on illegal cannabis cultivation. This was announced by the British police (NPCC).

A total of 967 suspects have been arrested in England and Wales for crimes including cannabis cultivation, money laundering and firearms violations. A preliminary investigation was later initiated against more than 450 of them.

Biggest effort in history

According to the police, this is the largest operation of its kind in England and Wales. The raids took place last month. 20 firearms and more than £600,000 in cash were also seized. 26 kilograms of cocaine worth around a million pounds were also found.

According to Scotland Yard, 65 “cannabis factories” have been excavated in London alone. 7,250 plants and 60 kilograms of resin were seized. Large quantities of cocaine and several firearms were also seized there.

Drug gangs are linked to modern slavery

According to the British police, cannabis cultivation is an important source of money for criminal gangs. Gang violence for dominance in the drug business is increasing.

It is clear “that organized networks involved in cannabis production have a direct link to a range of other serious crimes” such as “modern slavery,” said Steve Jupp, organized crime expert for the National Police.

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