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Italy is said to have set “Humanity 1”.

According to the organization SOS Humanity, their ship “Humanity 1” was arrested in Italy. There had previously been a conflict with the Libyan coast guard during the rescue of 77 refugees.

After rescuing 77 people from distress in the Mediterranean, the “Humanity 1” is said to have been detained in Italy. The authorities had ordered a 20-day detention in the port of Crotone in southern Italy, said the sea rescue organization SOS Humanity in Berlin. This was preceded by a dispute on the open sea with the Libyan coast guard.

The aid organization said it had helped migrants who were in three boats off the coast of Libya and Tunisia. Helpers and refugees were also threatened with armed force by the Libyan coast guard.

The coast guard is said to have intervened violently

The decision to arrest the boat was based on the fact that the “Humanity 1” had caused a dangerous situation for people in distress at sea. “In fact, it was the so-called Libyan Coast Guard, funded by the EU, that endangered the lives of those fleeing in the water and of our rescue crew,” the rescuers explained.

“If the so-called Libyan Coast Guard had not shown up to illegally bring survivors back to Libya, we would have carried out the rescue in an orderly manner,” said the captain of the “Humanity 1”. However, because the coast guard intervened violently, people jumped into the water in panic and the rescue had to be canceled.

77 people were finally rescued by the crew of “Humanity 1” and taken to Crotone. Around 20 people were forcibly taken on board the Libyan patrol boat and forced back to Libya, said SOS Humanity. Survivors also reported that the Libyans left one person behind in the water.

Refugees disembark from the “Humanity 1” in the port of Crotone, Italy.

One of the most dangerous escape routes in the world

The Italian right-wing government under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is trying to drastically reduce the number of migrants coming to Europe from Africa across the Mediterranean. According to information from the Interior Ministry, almost 5,000 people have reached the Italian coast since the beginning of this year. A year ago there were around three times as many until the beginning of March.

The Mediterranean is one of the most dangerous escape routes in the world. In 2023, more than 3,000 people died or went missing during the crossing, according to the International Organization for Migration.

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