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Injured after serious drone attack

Russia has intensified its drone attacks on Ukraine. Last night alone, the Ukrainian Air Force counted 42 Russian drones – most of which were intercepted. Seven people were injured.

Russia attacked several regions in Ukraine with drones last night. According to the Ukrainian army, it was one of the worst Russian attacks in recent weeks. The Ukrainian Air Force said it intercepted and destroyed 38 of 42 Russian drones.

Infrastructure, residential and commercial buildings were hit in the attacks. Seven people were injured, the Ukrainian authorities said.

According to the Air Force, Iranian-made Shahed drones were intercepted in the south, center, west and northeast of Ukraine. They were fired from Russian border regions and the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed by Moscow. Russia also attacked with five missiles.

Conflict parties as a source

In the current situation, information on the course of the war, shelling and casualties provided by official bodies of the Russian and Ukrainian parties to the conflict cannot be directly verified by an independent body.

Thousands of households without electricity

In some parts of Ukraine, the air alert lasted more than two hours, authorities said. According to the Energy Ministry, a power plant was hit in the western Kmelnytskyi region, leaving thousands of households in 30 settlements without power. A power line was also hit in Dnipropetrovsk in the southeast, local authorities said.

In Sumy in the north-east of the country, at least 13 houses, a kindergarten and around 40 private cars were damaged by the drone attack, according to the authorities there. According to the General Prosecutor's Office, seven people were injured in Sumy, including a 10-year-old boy.

Infrastructure and residential buildings hit

In the northeastern city of Kharkiv, authorities said a school building was damaged in the attack. In the southern Odessa region, authorities said a recreational facility, a gas pipeline and homes were hit by debris from downed drones.

Russian forces have repeatedly attempted to attack Ukraine's energy system during the cold months. The targets were power plants, district heating systems and electricity distribution. The World Bank estimates the damage to Ukraine's energy sector at around $12 billion.

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