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Haley now wants to vote for Trump

Trump can count on unexpected support from his own ranks in the US election campaign: his former rival Haley declared that she would support him in his presidential candidacy. She suggested that Trump should reach out to her supporters.

Sebastian Hesse

She was the last intra-party competitor to stand up to Donald Trump: Nikki Haley, who is still receiving votes in the ongoing US Republican primaries even though she dropped out of the race long ago.

During the election campaign, Haley repeatedly stressed that Trump was not qualified for the presidency. Until yesterday, she had demonstratively not recommended the man who had given her the nickname “Bird Brain”. Now she has had a change of heart.

Haley: Biden is a disaster

At an event hosted by the Hudson Institute – a conservative think tank – Haley explained that Trump had not been perfect on the issues that were crucial to her election. She has made that clear repeatedly.

But the current US President Joe Biden is a disaster. That is why she will vote for Trump in November. This attitude reflects the feelings of large parts of the Republican electorate.

Will there be reconciliation after all?

Haley went on to say that it would be smart of Trump to reach out to the millions who continue to support her – and not to take it for granted that these voters will switch to him. She had already expressed similar views in the speech in which she admitted her defeat in the primaries in early March.

Trump has not yet reacted to the unexpected tailwind. But he has long since ruled out nominating Haley for the post of Vice President. Now there is speculation in the USA as to whether he will now reconcile with her.

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