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Great Britain wants to ban disposable e-cigarettes

Great Britain declares war on disposable e-cigarettes. To protect children and young people, the sale of so-called vapes should be curbed. In the long term, Prime Minister Sunak wants to ban the sale of tobacco completely

Disposable e-cigarettes are to be banned in the UK to protect minors. The British government said the aim is to combat the increase in consumption among young people and protect the health of children. To achieve this, the choice of flavors should be limited. Manufacturers would have to produce simpler and less visually appealing packaging, it was said.

The so-called disposable vapes may also only be offered out of the sight of minors and away from products such as sweets that are aimed at children. The increase in e-cigarette use among minors is one of the most worrying trends, said Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. “That's why we need to act before it becomes endemic.”

The long-term effects are unknown and the nicotine it contains can be addictive. “Therefore, while vaping can be a useful tool to help smokers quit, marketing vapes to minors is unacceptable,” Sunak said.

Teachers report addictive behavior

Parliament in London still has to approve the project. Health and environmental activists welcomed the move. Around one in ten young people in the UK between the ages of 11 and 15 use e-cigarettes. Teachers report signs of addictive behavior in the classroom.

Around 80,000 people die every year in the UK as a result of smoking. Prime Minister Sunak had previously announced strict anti-tobacco laws. According to the plans, children and young people who turn 15 this year should never be able to legally buy a cigarette in their lives. To this end, Sunak wants to increase the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products by one year every year.

So far no ban in Germany

In Germany, the sale of disposable e-cigarettes is not banned or restricted. Last year, Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke from the Green Party spoke out in favor of an EU-wide ban on disposable e-cigarettes. The environmental impact of disposable vapes is “extremely bad,” said the Ministry of the Environment.

The North Rhine Medical Association had also spoken out in favor of a ban. The tobacco product is harmful to health and the environment. The shape and colors of the e-cigarettes were primarily aimed at young consumers. The medical association fears that young people will turn to cigarettes more quickly.

In December, the French National Assembly unanimously passed a draft law banning disposable electronic cigarettes. New Zealand and Australia have already introduced restrictions.

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