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Court confirms long prison sentence for Kara-Mursa

A Russian court has confirmed the 25-year prison sentence for alleged treason against Kremlin critic Kara-Mursa. His lawyer fears that her client may not survive solitary confinement in Siberia.

Russia's Supreme Court has confirmed the 25-year prison sentence for alleged “high treason” against Kremlin critic Vladimir Kara-Mursa. His lawyer Maria Eismont said her client was in poor health. Given his prison conditions, the sentence was “very difficult to survive.” However, she was “satisfied” that Kara-Mursa did not have to travel on a prison train from Siberia and appear in person in court for the verdict.

Kara-Mursa was convicted in April 2023 of “high treason” and spreading “false information” about the Russian military offensive in Ukraine. He has been in solitary confinement in Siberia for months. “He hasn’t seen a fellow prisoner since September,” Eismont said. “Visits are prohibited.” In addition, her client is not allowed to make any calls, including on his 25th wedding anniversary and his daughter's 18th birthday.

British government demands release

According to the information, Kara-Mursa is only allowed to lie on his bed for eight hours a day and process mail for 90 minutes a day. Kara-Mursa's family and lawyers had stated that the 42-year-old was suffering from the nerve disease polyneuropathy due to two poisoning attempts.

At the beginning of May, the British government called for his release to receive “urgent” medical treatment. Kara-Mursa is also a British citizen.

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