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Biden and Trump win more primaries

The results do not come as a surprise, as both have already prevailed within the party: Biden and Trump have won further primaries. Both focus their campaigns on the “swing states”.

The designated Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden from the Democrats have won further primaries for their parties. Trump secured the delegate votes in the US states of Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio. Biden also won in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas and Ohio. There was no Democratic primary in Florida.

The results come as no surprise as both candidates no longer have any rivals within their party. In the current primaries of their parties, they have already secured the necessary delegate votes for their nomination, so that there will be a repeat of their 2020 duel on November 5th.

Key states Nevada and Arizona

Biden is currently focusing on six or seven “swing states”, i.e. the key states such as Nevada and Arizona that will be decisive in the presidential election. Quite a few expect that several hundred thousand votes from these states will ultimately be decisive in the election.

In the first duel with Donald Trump in 2020, Biden narrowly won in Nevada and Arizona. In the election on November 5th, he will probably have to win in these two key states in order to be able to win the election overall. One of the most important voter groups in this context are people with Latin American roots. “Latinos were crucial to my victory in 2020, and they will be crucial again,” Biden told Spanish-language broadcaster Univision. “I'm working hard to win their vote.”

Trump is becoming more popular

Traditionally, US citizens of Latin American origin tend to vote for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections. Although Trump is making anti-migrant sentiment and declaring that “rapists” and drug dealers are streaming across the border into the United States from Mexico, recent polls show that Trump is gaining ground among this electorate and support for Biden is weakening.

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