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“A threat not only to Ukraine”

Chancellor Scholz's view of the war of aggression against Ukraine has changed, says Ukrainian President Zelenskyj in the ARD-Broadcast Caren Miosga. The discussion also focused on “Taurus” deliveries.

In the ARD-Broadcast Caren Miosga has Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj warned of the consequences that a Russian victory in Ukraine could also have for Germany. He called on Ukrainians in Germany to return to their homeland, but did not want to force conscripts here to serve at the front.

“I'm definitely not calling out to Olaf Scholz: Bring them back quickly! We live in a democratic world. If a person who has broken a law is in another country, then you shouldn't demand that they or the person be brought back ourselves to return quickly,” Zelensky said in a pre-recorded interview with Caren Miosga, excerpts of which were shown on the program. “Olaf Scholz can't bring anyone or persuade us to come back.”

The expulsion of Ukrainians subject to military service from Germany was a central issue ARD-Broadcast Caren Miosga on Sunday evening. Background: At times there had been discussions about reducing their citizens' allowance in order to encourage them to return to Ukraine.

SPD party leader Lars Klingbeil spoke out in the group against expelling Ukrainian conscripts: “There will be reasons why you left the country.” He couldn't imagine “that we in Germany would make laws that would bring people back.”

Zelensky expects Scholz to play a leadership role

The Ukrainian president explained in the broadcast that Chancellor Olaf Scholz's view of Ukraine and the war there had changed: “He has understood that Putin is not just a name, but a threat. A threat not just for Ukraine ” said Zelensky.

Scholz feels that Russia will move closer to Germany if Ukraine doesn't hold out. This is a risk for Germany and other European countries, said Zelensky. An escalation between Russia and the EU or NATO would have serious consequences. In any case, this would mean the beginning of the Third World War, said the Ukrainian president: “The weapons will hardly help you then.”

He therefore expects Germany to play a pioneering role compared to other countries in Europe when it comes to military support for Ukraine. Scholz is a leader here: “That’s why his steps are those of a leader,” said Zelensky. “I want him to be a close friend of Ukraine.”

“Taurus” –Cruise missiles still an issue

Regarding “Taurus” cruise missiles, which Ukraine has been demanding for a long time but which Chancellor Scholz has not yet wanted to deliver, Zelenskyj explained: “We saw how the decision in the Bundestag turned out. That was a signal. I hope that it will still be there will be a different decision.”

Just two weeks ago, an application from the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag, which had called for the “Taurus” weapons to be delivered, was rejected. The representatives of the traffic light parties voted against it for party tactical reasons.

SPD leader Klingbeil evaded the question about “Taurus” deliveries: “I find it problematic that we always act as if individual weapon systems were the game changers.” This was the case with the “Leopard” type battle tanks, which later turned out to be wrong.

Consistent to deliver Taurus?

ARDCorrespondent Vassili Golod disagreed with the argument, pointing out that the cruise missiles would help destroy Russian logistics: “It would be very, very helpful from the Ukrainian point of view.” Ultimately, it is only logical to deliver “Taurus”.

Political scientist Sabine Fischer from the Science and Politics Foundation explained that she sees the risk of escalation that would arise from a delivery of “Taurus” cruise missiles. However, she pointed out that this risk of escalation had been raised again and again in previous arms deliveries – without the fears coming to pass, said the Eastern Europe expert.

The entire interview that Caren Miosga conducted with Volodymyr Zelenskyj in Kiev is can be seen in the ARD media library. In it, the presenter talks to the Ukrainian president, in addition to the topics covered in the show, about his family and his view of the future.

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