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Weather in Germany: Heavy thunderstorms threaten here – tornadoes possible

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Meteorologists warn of “supercells” – locally limited tornadoes possible

The thunderstorms can be accompanied by hail and hurricane gusts The thunderstorms can be accompanied by hail and hurricane gusts

The thunderstorms can be accompanied by hail and hurricane gusts

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Low “Lambert” moves over Germany on Thursday. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects severe thunderstorms. In the southwest there is a risk of so-called supercells. Locally limited in the middle of Germany, tornadoes are “not entirely impossible”.

Et stays muggy and thundery in Germany. As the German Weather Service (DWD) announced on Wednesday in Offenbach, the risk of storms will continue in the coming days. According to meteorologist Sebastian Schappert from the DWD, the low “Lambert” is responsible for this, which moves across Spain to France and then crosses Germany from west to east this Thursday.

“In the process, very humid and hot air from the Mediterranean region is tapped on the front,” explained Schappert. This again ensures highs of 35 degrees in the south and east. “Severe thunderstorms are also on the agenda.”

As early as Thursday night, showery, sometimes thundery rain is gathering in the west, which will reach the north-east in the evening and on Friday night. “In some areas, extremely heavy rain must also be expected, which can cause smaller streams and rivers to overflow or flood underpasses,” says Schappert.

To the south, severe thunderstorms would form over the course of the day, which could be accompanied by larger hail and local hurricane gusts due to the energetic air mass. “Especially over the middle of Germany, isolated and locally limited tornadoes cannot be completely ruled out.”

According to the DWD, it will initially be clearer in the south and south-east for a longer period of time on Thursday. Later, severe thunderstorms threaten locally, sometimes with large hail and hurricane gusts. In the afternoon there is a risk of so-called supercells in southern Germany. They are among the largest and most dangerous thunderstorm formations. These are rotating systems with strong updrafts that move completely independently and are therefore difficult to predict.

A DWD meteorologist said that the energy in the atmosphere would be released mainly in the southern half, but possibly also up to Heilbronn in thunderstorms. The weather expert warned that “stormy heavy rain of up to 60 liters per square meter in a short time” was possible on Thursday. Hurricane gusts of around 120 kilometers per hour and large hail are also not excluded. However, such thunderstorms typically only occur very locally, with full intensity they usually only hit a few places.

In the extreme north and northwest, on the other hand, it will initially be clear to cloudy on Thursday. It often stays dry, at most isolated showers are possible. The maximum values ​​are around 24 degrees in the west and up to 35 degrees in the south-east. It stays a little cooler on the coasts.

On Friday, longer sunny periods are announced north-west of a line from the Upper Rhine to West Mecklenburg. It will be mostly dry there. For the other parts of the country, the DWD predicts more clouds and regional showers. Only isolated thunderstorms are to be expected, which will gradually move south-east. It can sometimes rain for a long time in the Alps. With a moderate and gusty north-west wind, it will not be as warm as before at 20 to 27 degrees.

The weather will calm down again on Saturday. According to the meteorologists, there are some clouds in the north and cumulus clouds in the southeast. Otherwise it will be clear or sunny and mostly dry. The maximum temperatures are between 22 and 29 degrees. In the river valleys in the southwest and west, they rise to up to 30 degrees. A light wind is blowing, which picks up a bit during the day.

The rescue workers were already heavily involved on Wednesday, especially in the south of Baden-Württemberg. There was heavy rain and hurricane gusts, and wind speeds of 135 kilometers per hour were measured on the Klippeneck mountain on the edge of the Swabian Alb. The electricity went out in some cities. Elsewhere, the strong wind uncovered roofs. According to the DWD, the weather situation should only calm down a bit on Friday.

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