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The invention of the national park Podcast in the ARD Audiothek

It is the first national park ever: Yellowstone with its gigantic volcanic craters and wild bison. A little more than 150 years ago, the idea of ​​not populating a large area and preserving nature was born there. The national park concept was born, tata! To this day, it shapes the way we deal with nature and nature conservation. But: The history of Yellowstone National Park is also a history of whites who pushed out the indigenous people – and who almost wiped out the bison. In this episode 11KM, Torsten Teichmann, who was a correspondent for ARD in the USA for five years, talks about his journey through Yellowstone National Park – as well as about its less idyllic chapters and the difficulty of bringing nature back into balance. Torsten Teichmann’s report “150 years of Yellowstone – The first national park in the world” in latitude (BR): You can find our podcast tip “radioWissen” here in the ARD Audiothek: The following were involved in this episode: Author: Stephan Beuting Collaboration: Jasmin Brock Production : Ruth-Maria Ostermann, Florian Teichmann, Konrad Winkler and Alexander Gerhardt Editorial management: Fumiko Lipp and Lena Gürtler 11KM: the tagesschau podcast is produced by BR24 and NDR Info. The editorial responsibility for this episode lies with the NDR.

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