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European Championship opening victory against Scotland – DFB coach Nagelsmann honors Jamal Musiala

The DFB team celebrated a furious start to the European Championship against Scotland. Bayern's young star Jamal Musiala shone in particular – and received special praise from the national coach.

Numerous successful dribbles, created scoring opportunities and a dream goal: Bayern young star Jamal Musiala put in a strong performance in the German national team's 5-1 opening victory against Scotland at the European Championships on home soil. He was subsequently voted player of the match.

But the praise didn't stop there. The 21-year-old also received many compliments from national coach Julian Nagelsmann. When asked whether the match plan against Scotland had worked out completely, Nagelsmann replied: “In the end, it's always a decision made on the field by the players.”

Video | Nagelsmann: “Everyone knows what the last opening games were like”

Source: MagentaTV

Of course, the coaching team tries to offer solutions and give ideas. “But there are so many situations on the field that you can't predict them all,” said Nagelsmann. “The players simply have the quality,” he said, and then came to talk about Musiala: “When you see Jamal. The things he does, you don't tell him to do them, he can just do them.” Nagelsmann said Musiala played an “extraordinarily good game” because he “had an enormous influence.”

He was particularly pleased with Musiala's goal to make it 2-0, “because he obviously missed one or two chances in Qatar. That really got to him.” The goal was “exceptionally good.”

The coach also emphasized the good team performance: “A big compliment to the team,” he said. After losing the three opening games in the last tournaments, “there was a bit of pressure on the boiler.” To then put in such a strong first 20 minutes was very strong. “We set the course in the first 20 minutes and the team did really, really well.”

Recently, İlkay Gündoğan has been repeatedly questioned. He had not shown convincing performances in the last few test matches. It was completely different in the opening match, as Nagelsmann emphasised. “He played a very good game today,” said the 36-year-old. He made a lot of runs and deserved to score a goal. “I was very happy with İlkay.”

Nagelsmann also does not want to dampen the euphoria after the successful start. The players themselves know that it was only a first step. “I'm not one to slow down, but I'm also not one to run into the dressing room and say: We've got it now. We know it's a first step and we can build on it,” said the national coach.

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