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Christoph Kramer? There are two better than him

Is he sometimes a bit flippant? Does he sometimes get carried away? Does he simply have no idea about politics and therefore avoids discussions that go beyond sports?

In any case.

And despite this, or perhaps because of this, Kramer is the best expert at the European Championships. The new Jürgen Klopp, who thrilled viewers from 2005 to 2008. Whether in the rankings of t-online or “Sport Bild”: Kramer always gets a grade that the high school graduate would probably have liked to have had more often in school – an A. And rightly so.

Kramer is capable of enthusiasm, in any direction. He gesticulates, says what he thinks, and is prepared to take a beating for it. If he falls behind in his arguments, he wins the crowd over to his side with a funny saying. He knows about tactics and openly admits when he likes one team and not another.

Kramer also has an unbeatable advantage: as an active Bundesliga player, he experiences a lot himself – such as the video referee.

Kramer's career as an expert is like that of a national player: world-class. And in a crazy way. He brings a refreshing mix of expertise, humor and authenticity to his reporting and thus a comfortable lightness to German living rooms. This hasn't been seen in this form since Thomas Gottschalk and “Wetten, dass..?” Even if he was a presenter, not an expert like Kramer.

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