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2.1 billion euros for new Airbus satellites

The German Armed Forces have awarded another billion-euro contract: the aviation and defense company Airbus will build two new telecommunications satellites for more than two billion euros.

It is the next billion-dollar contract from the German Armed Forces for a private company: Europe's largest aerospace company, Airbus, has received a major order for a satellite system from the German Armed Forces. The contract is worth 2.1 billion euros and includes satellites and the associated ground stations, which are to be operated for 15 years, the aerospace and defense company announced today.

Michael Schoellhorn, responsible for the space and defense business at Airbus, said the order strengthens the strategic partnership with the Bundeswehr: “Long-term partnerships are crucial to ensure the necessary sovereignty and performance and to protect our armed forces in the increasingly unstable geopolitical environment.”

Central parts from Germany

According to the information, part of the order are two new telecommunications satellites that will replace the COMSATBw B and 2B satellites. The satellites, which weigh around six tons, have extensive capabilities to keep pace with the increasing volume of data transmission. Central parts of the satellites and the operation of the spacecraft will come from Germany. The satellites should be put into operation before the end of the decade.

New equipment worth more than six billion euros

The order from Airbus is one of a whole series of large orders that the German army has recently placed. And just yesterday, the Bundestag's budget committee launched another package worth more than six billion euros for the German army's new equipment. In total, this involves 105 battle tanks, four Patriot air defense systems and guided missiles, as well as ammunition for the artillery.

The future Lithuania Brigade will be equipped with the Leopard 2A8 battle tanks and will also close significant gaps in the Bundeswehr that have existed for years, said Defense Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) after the meeting in Berlin. He explained: “We have really managed to get important armament projects underway, which will then be in the pipeline in the coming years.” The national production capacity for the urgently needed ammunition will be significantly expanded.

In response to the changed security situation in Europe, the German government has promised to permanently station a combat-ready and independently capable combat unit in Lithuania. The brigade is to be operational by 2027. A permanent presence of around 4,800 soldiers and around 200 civilian Bundeswehr members is planned. The committee obliged the Ministry of Defense to provide further details on procurement and financing and to report further.

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