You know you’re a Couponer when…….

You know you’re a couponer when…

  • your stockpile looks increasingly similar to Costco, and, like Costco, you often find yourself lost in it.  In fact, you’re considering employing a stock boy to help out.
  • the biggest and best zippered binder from Staples just won’t cut it anymore.  When are they coming out with the bigger and better one?
  • you’re best friends with everyone on staff at your favourite grocery store.  You know birthdays, anniversaries, favorite colors, and allergies.
  • you get five papers every Sunday, but the best news is always found in the inserts.
  • you frequently insert the phrase “there’s a coupon for that” in regular conversation.
  • you can recite several stores’ coupon policies on the fly.  ”What’s that? You don’t take internet printed coupons?  I think you do! Let me refer you to your coupon policy…”
  • you’ve replaced your kids’ “Hooked on Phonics” with “Hooked on Coupons.”  It’s never too early to get them on your team.
  • you proudly display the bruises you’ve received from intense dumpster diving sessions to your checkout clerk.  ”See this bruise?  It saved me ¢75 on that bread right there!”
  • you have coupon parties.
  • you haven’t paid for toothpaste in over a year, and you have enough of it to last you for the rest of your life.  And your grandchildren’s lives.
  • you have a special pair of coupon clipping scissors, and you keep them sharpened at all times.  You used a coupon for those too.
  • you feel guilty when you pay full price for anything.  Even frozen yogurt.
  • you’ve actually converted others, who want to join you on shopping trips. “Teach us your ways, oh coupon master.”
  • you call in your order ahead of time.  And they have a lane shut down waiting for you.

2 thoughts on “You know you’re a Couponer when…….

  1. Sharon Dunkin

    When your co-workers instead of asking how much did you pay for it they ask how much did you save and how many did you buy.

  2. patricia wright

    Or for special ocasions they give you an envie of coupons. Rather then a special ocasion card…


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