WINNERS of 5 FULL Envelopes of Coupons are ….


GORGEOUS day here in London … the windows are open and I am enjoying a nice hot coffee while I pick the winners

Winners have also been emailed, they have 48 hours to respond, in the event they do not respond, more winners will be selected

1) Alexandria 

2) Jaime Manahan 

3) Tanya Vessie 

4) Laurie S 

5) Jane McClimond 



Well, the sun is shining and I am feeling a bit better than I did yesterday with this cold I have, so I decided to have some coupon envelope giveaways.

Here is how it will work:  I have 5 envelopes full of awesome coupons .. 5 CouponChristine fans will WIN!


1) Comment below this blog post ON the website ( what your favourite coupon(s) is/has been

2) Also list what are your favourite posts that you see on each week

3) LIKE this blog post and feel free to share with your friends and family on Facebook

4) Must be a Canadian couponer to enter

5) Entries must be in by noon, Friday, Sept. 27, 2013

6) Only 1 entry per couponer please

* I will use to determine winners tomorrow.  5 winners selected.  **When submitting your comment, please use an ACTIVE email address as that is how I will be notifying you if you won!

211 thoughts on “WINNERS of 5 FULL Envelopes of Coupons are ….

  1. Charmaine

    I love any coupons that I can find for yogurt especially greek yogurt we eat a ton of it but I find it can be pricey so I get excited when I find a coupon for that. I love the daily updates for coupons on your site or free giveaways that I can try to get. Also your how to set up your binder section was a big help!

    • Cheryl

      I love to get coupons that after price matching I can walk away with free products. Last month I got 34 cents overage at Walmart on Secret Deodorant. I always look forward to reading your cheapest price article. You offer so much to couponers in Canada. Thanks so much!!!

  2. Sylvie Morin

    Barilla was the coupon that I enjoyed the most and that I can,t wait to have some more….

    My favorite post is when we can get free sample 🙂 I love sample 😛

  3. May

    I’m new to couponing, but have a Jane’s chicken coupon in hand for $2 which will come in great use ! Your site is amazing

  4. Jessica

    I love any coupons that I can find for groceries especially cereal we eat a ton of it but I find it can be pricey so I get excited when I find a coupon for that. I love the daily updates for coupons on your site or free giveaways that I can try to get. Also your how to set up your binder section was a big help!

  5. Kimberley

    My favorite coupons have been other than the FPC’s of course… the $2 off resolve stain remover (when used when there$2 there free) , my hubby gets his clothes so dusty at work and the resolve has really helped with getting the stains out. And I look forward to the sneak peeks of the flyers every week:) Thanks for that!!!

  6. melissa p

    I love any coupons that I can use for products that my family and I will acturally use.
    I like when your posts show up on my facebook wall with new offers,freebies,samples,new coupons.

  7. Ashley LeBlanc

    My favourite coupon has to be the $1 off kozy shack. I love seeing the cheapest price list and the coupon matchups every week!

  8. Denna

    My favorite coupon is any thing Gain! I love the smell and when its on sale at shoppers I stock up!
    My fav posts is the 51 match ups every week!

  9. Crystal Norman

    I LOVE any freebie coupons! My favourite Coupon Christine post is where to buy the cheapest fruits, veggies, meat, TP, pop and everything else! lol

  10. Dawn

    My favourite coupons are for Pampers. Always need to buy them so love saving a few bucks on them. The post of coupon Christine I love the most is the coupon/flyer match up. It’s so helpful to know where to use my coupons for the most value!

  11. Kendra Gastmeier

    I love pasta coupons, and yogurt coupons!!. My favourite posts are the weekly spreadsheet of the best places to buy items! saves me so much time!

  12. lynda sewell law

    my favorite coupon now is…gay lea cottage cheese, and $3 Dr. O pizza. My go to blog is the matchups each week.

  13. Evie Mose

    I love the Quaker granola bar and instant oatmeal coupons right now. From your posts I like the hidden web saver or notices

  14. Chris

    I always love getting coupons for toiletries. I love your sneak peak at the flyers so I can get a jump on my shopping list.

  15. Jenn morgan

    I love the fpc coupons! My favourite coupon Christine post is where to find all the weekly deals so I can stock up 🙂 Thanks so much for all that you do Coupon Christine!

  16. Kristen Howard

    My favourite coupons are any type of food coupons as we try to save as much as we can, especially when it’s healthy food items.

    My favourite posts would also have to be of the free samples 🙂

  17. Tammy Lance

    I love all the coupons, it’s really amazing how much you save!! ALL of you daily updates are amazing….we couldn’t do it without you and all your hard work!!! Thanks for everything you do, we soooo appreciate it!!!

  18. Marsha Lynn

    My All time favorite Coupon was the ice tea so i keep getting it free and the resolve…I Like when you posts things as i can get Fpc stuff that i love or want to try it and if there is any other new one comming out thanks again for the great site

  19. Jennifer flint

    I love the match ups every week.
    My favorite coupon has to be the prime ground chicken/ turkey. I find meat coupons are usually harder to get.

  20. Candice

    I absolutely love b1g1 coupons of any kind. My favorite coupons would have to be deodorant coupons tho.
    I LOVE your daily posts about new freebies or new coupons that have come out. I love you keep everyone up to date on upcoming freebies or coupons coming out. Your fantastic at keeping us all informed. Thank You!

  21. Kayla Lomonaco

    My favourite coupons are for cereal! We go through it so fast!
    My favourite post is coupon match ups, it saves me so much time! Thanks 🙂

  22. Trina Goodwin

    I like ffc but the tide pod coupons and bogo coupons for fantastic and windex etc … i love your site , especially the contests and giveaways and coupons ! and your quick to help with tips and tricks (:

  23. Sheryl Bullard

    like so many others love fpc but fav coupon lately has been the Gae-Lee $2.00 off and all your posts are my favs but flyer matchups are way up there

  24. Susan S.

    Lately, I have been using coupons for rice and using my cat food ones to stock for the winter.
    Everything on your site is very helpful! It varies from day to day for me, some days I just look for coupons, other days I am on a freebie hunt, other times I am searching for new links. Keep up the awesome work!

  25. Tracy Olthoff

    I love coupons that I get from companies when I email them. They are always great ones! And, I love just about everything on! So informative and well organized. 🙂 Great job!!!

  26. Helen

    Coupons I use the most are Laundry soap, Yogurt, Jam and Cereal.
    I like getting the sneak peak flyers a couple days in advance to plan out my shopping.

  27. Michelle

    My favourite coupons are the tide ones because I love using tide! My favourite post each week is the match ups 🙂

  28. Kendra Kennedy

    I love the coupon from Chapmans that I can get every year. I really look forward to the cheapest price list that is posted on coupon Christine every week. Thank-you Coupon Christine and helpers! Keep up the awesome work!

  29. Stace

    I love the Chapman’s coupons for free products! If you time it right, you get a lot for it! The coupon match up and cheapest sales lists make it even easier!

  30. Shirley Camic

    I think I’ve gotten the most savings out of coupons for yogurt and Glade. My favorite posts of yours are notices when samples and freebies go live. I see them way before the email notices arrive, so thank you!

  31. Judy

    Love all coupons – Favorite – Maple Lodge Love all your posts but favorite is your GO Go GO freebies
    & thanks for all your hard work.

  32. Heather

    My favourite coupons are for formula!! So expensive I always am happy to save some $. I love all the cheapest price list and weekly match ups! Thanks for all you do!!

  33. Melissa N

    Love your website…. My fave coupon is Fpc for old El Paso taco kits. Although I love all Fpcs! Thank you for doing coupon matchups and sneak peek. They are my favourite part of the website. I always look forward to them!

    Keep up the great work!

  34. Alexandria

    My fav coupon have to be the b2g3.50$ off herbal coupon thats only shampoo i use and full price its to expensive but trying to find that coupon is a hard one ;( and my fav post u did was that leap frog pen from sears just wish i could have got one would have been killer for xmas! But do love ur match up post thanks for being so awsome girl!!!!!!! Uve helped alot of use already!!!

  35. Tammy Lemire

    My favorite coupon was for the cascades toilet paper at rexall. Regular price was $8.99 for 8 double rolls on sale for $2.99. $2 coupon made 16 rolls of toilet paper only $0.99!!!
    My favorite posts are always the links to printable coupons and of course anything that is FREE!!!
    Thank you for everything! Being a single Mom with a low income I truly appreciate everything you do to help me keep on budget 🙂

  36. Amber

    My favourite coupon is for lactania cream, use cream everyday in my morning coffee. So when it’s sale combined with the coupon WOW!!!, can’t beat .25 cream. Fav post is FREEBIES, I mean really who doesn’t love FREE stuff. But the match ups are also very close. Thanks for such a great and helpful site 🙂

  37. Teresa Rattray

    I really like glutino coupons or Caven dish fresh from the farm fries or any other gf products
    Love the coupon match ups,sneak peeks and of course free stuff

  38. Alison

    My favourite coupon was the Mars Bar FPC. I love chocolate and it was so fun to be able to get free chocolate! A close second is So Good Soy Milk since it is a daily staple in my house. Any savings on something I use every day is a blessing.

    My favourite posts are the weekly coupon match ups since they help me stretch my grocery budget by finding the best deals.

  39. francine

    I like most food fpcs. My recent favorite was the cheerios cluster because you could enter the code from a specially marked box to get another Fpc.

    I like the matchups (aka a preview on the best deals)

  40. Anne

    My fav coupon is the Chapmans…I love when you post the flyers early,and give us great deal details……Thanks Christine…U rock

  41. Tanya

    I love pet food coupons, I have so many animals to feed (dogs, cats, fish ) that the coupons really help! My favorite posts are the flyer sneak peaks, it gives me time to organize my coupons to do a shopping trip. 🙂

  42. Debra

    I’m not sure that I can limit it to one or two favorite coupons! I love them all. As a single income family, any coupon I can use to save us money is a great coupon. I do use the diaper and wipes coupons often as I have a little one at home!
    I really appreciate the hard work that coupon Christine puts into this website! The posts about coupon matchup and cheapest price lists are very helpful.
    Thanks!! You us rock!!

  43. Tammy

    It’s hard to choose a favorite but I love the Finish quantum coupons. This product is by far superior to the rest in my opinion and I love to save money on the best of the best. I love seeing posts for MIRs and I enjoy the sneak peaks. Thanks

  44. Jen

    My favorite coupons are the milk coupons which are hard to find. My son drinks so much milk!

    My favorite weekly post is the Match-Ups. This post saves me a ton of time. Thanks!

  45. Joanne

    I love cheese coupons. Cheese sticks, cheese snacks, cheez whiz, you name it! Coupon/flyer matchups are awesome. Thanks for all the time you put into this so that I don’t gave to!

  46. Jen P

    My favorite coupons are FPC’s found on cereal boxes, kelloggs and General Mills both do them, as well as the $5 gas card 🙂 I love you weekly matchup posts and the “where to find the cheapest” posts 🙂

  47. Christiane Kipp

    The best coupon I had was the $5.00 Arctic garden I love their veggies however I love all coupons even the $0.50 ones.
    MY favorite posts on are the weekly match-ups and the cheapest sale lists.

  48. Erin

    I love the laundry soap coupons- any brand…I’m a bit OCD when it comes to doing laundry, haha. I actually find it very relaxing to fold clean smelling clothes 🙂

  49. Chantal

    Favorite coupons: for a hug, snuggle, bananas, chicken, milk, greek yogurt, cheese, tissues. Ultimate favorite- harvest bucks for fruits or vegetables from the Western fairgrounds Farmer’s market. In the end though, any coupon for something I use is worthwhile. Favorite posts- cheapest price list and coupon match ups.

  50. Deanne

    I loved the cascade toliet paper coupons that gave us 8 rolls for .99!!!!!!!
    I love the coupon match ups and all the hot tips that coupon Christine gives us

  51. hilda

    I love the fpc coupons, and if it would not be for your hard work we would not find all the good deals. thanks coupon Christine!!!!!!

  52. Carolyn

    I’m new to couponing and unfortunately, my area doesn’t have many year pads to choose from. Most of the coupons I do get are P&G brandsavers. Although I have yet to receive a coupon for this product, I hope to find them soon and stock up. My favourite new product is Gain laundry booster. I received a sample and am hooked since I used it. I have actually delayed washing my stored fall and winter wear until I can find a coupon to purchase the product. I can’t wait to have a closet full of freshly laundered and scent boosted clothing!

  53. Kayla B

    I am fairly new to the coupon world so any food coupons are my favorite! I love to save money and I love learning how to save more money by following your blog! I also love all the free samples that are posted! Keep up the amazing work!

  54. amy

    I must say I love any coupon that helps out our household, as I am unable to work, with one income and a family every coupon helps. I just LOVE coupons especially when u can actually get something FREE.

  55. margaret b

    my favorite coupon is always peanut butter, they are hard to find at time and my family eats alot of it so i try to stock up when i can. and my favorite part of your posts is the weekly match ups, so easy to find what i need and what are great things that i can stock up on and use my coupons to hopefully get things for free. your posts are also helpful instead of me scrolling through the papers i love looking at your list to find the best buys, thx so much for everything u post

  56. Jessica Romita

    I absolutely love getting coupons for gain laundry detergent and downy fabric softener. My family goes through a lot of detergent. I am new to couponing and have done really well so far. I always check for flyer match-ups and sneak-peeks. This site is very informative and I have learned a lot from this website.

  57. Lori Troy

    I love coupons period my favorite of late has been for the glade wax melter, it is attractive and I saved $6 on it and $2 on the wax melts. I very much appreciated the Target information regarding stacking coupons! I live for the sneak peeks of flyers too!! Thanks so much for all that you provide!

  58. Tasha

    My favourite are produce and chicken (or really any meat) coupons. Love all the FPC and sample posts. Also love the non-coupon deals (wag jag, clearance sales, etc.)

  59. Kim Vellios

    I love coupons for products that I can use as snack items in my kids’ lunches. Love the posts about when certain free coupons are active and also the flyer/coupon match up posts.

  60. djurdjica hovdebo

    i love all coupons,my favourite would be bogo ….i love your site and my favourite part is seeing your post about new available coupon…saves me so much time when i can just clik on the link and place the order for coupon….Thank you so much for all ur hard work 🙂

  61. julie macdonald gibson

    My favorite coupons would have to be flavored peanut butter and oatmeal crisp cereal. I love the price matchups every week. It saves me so much time.

  62. Julianne

    My favourite coupons, of course, are the FPC’s. But, as for dollars/cents off coupons, I think my most recent favourite was the $2.00 off Secret Deodorant. There’s nothing like getting free deodorant! And it’s a good item to donate…I think my favourite posts that I see on the website are the sneak peaks and the ones that let me know about freebies….

  63. Mischa

    I love BOGO coupons, but my favorite coupons are for laundry detergent and fresh grocery items (Cheese, milk)! Look forward to the flyer matchups and sales I would not find out about otherwise!

  64. Charmaine T

    I love fpcs for things I can use, probably my favourite was FPC Silk milk from a breakfast promo.
    My favourite posts on Coupon Christine are the Flyer Sneak Peaks 😉

  65. Justine Jeffries

    My favourite coupon is the Chapmans $5/$4 coupon and the B1G1 coupons for movies that are on the pop boxes, cheap date nights are good! My favourite posts are the cheapest pop, veggies, etc.

  66. Tracey

    I love the grocery flyers match ups for meats for the week. Big meat eaters in our family but it is so expensive. We plan our weekly grocery plan based on your meat match ups.
    Thanks Christine

  67. Sarah Lynn Annesley

    My favourite things about the coupon christine site is the cheapest list and I love when you post about free samples! They are almost always still available unlike when other sites post.

  68. Lindsay Slothouber

    At this point, pampers diaper coupons are my favourite. I like the weekly price matching updates too.

  69. Rachel Gautreau

    I am fairly new to couponing….i love coupons for Tide pods, downy unstoppables, ALL FPC’s!!! My favourite blog would be your cheapest price list!! Use it regularly and love that it is printable!! 🙂

  70. Sandra Hull

    My favorite coupon has to be for cereal. We eat our share of it and I find the “good” cereals expensive. However, any coupon is welcome in my book. Since starting this, my grocery bill has cut in half. thanks Christine. This website has helped out tremendously.

  71. Ashley Davy

    I love any coupons that save money. My favourite was last year when lactancia milk was on for $1 and there was. $1 printable coupon. We stocked up! Christine my favourite posts are the what’s cheapest, I don’t always have time to scour the flyers but I know you and your side kicks do!

  72. nicole

    I love gain and and lunch snack coupons with three growing boys the coupons are great!!!!!! I love to see deals everyone gets, also and tips are wonderful!!!! Every week I wait for the coupon match-ups!!!!!

  73. Ang

    I love any pampers coupons and and free product coupons!!!
    Love your site blogs for giveaway and defiantly the weekly coupons match ups!!

  74. Amanda

    My fav coupon has been the Purex printable from Smartsource – it’s the only laundry soap DH will use, so it came in handy!
    I love seeing the coupons matchups and lowest price posts. they help me save so much time each week!

  75. Sandra

    Favorite coupon are those that are FREE especially for granola bars my son loves! Love the weekly coupon match ups and free product give-a-ways!

  76. Susan C

    1. My favourite coupons are the special Royale ones that come out around Christmas.

    2. I LOVE seeing the great deals.

  77. Deb Felder

    Our favorite coupons are for personal care items, they save us a lot of money as these items are usually quite pricey. My favorite posts have to be the coupon flyer match ups. I look for them every week.

  78. Donna Hawkins

    I always LOVE to see the coupons for Old Dutch Chips.

    And I look forward to your Weekly Flyer Match-ups as it saves me so much time.

  79. Elissa Roy

    Great site – I always check it to see where to find the newest coupons and watch for the coupon matchups. My favourite coupon to date has been $1 off of Cheesestrings as they are super expensive and we go through so many in our house!!

  80. Kassianna Bell

    My favourite coupon was definitely the one for $2 off any Gay Lea product. How awesome was that? We could choose what we wanted to use it for to combine it with sales.
    Also, my favourite part of Coupon Christine is without a doubt the coupon flyer match up! I do the flyer match up myself but I love to see what you have done as well in case I missed some awesome deals.
    Thanks again Christine and Lilly for everything you guys have done. Being a student in university paying for it myself, I like to save money anyway I can and you have made it that much easier! Keep up the great work!

  81. Heather P

    My favourite coupons to date would have to be all the FPC’s for Liberte Yogurt as well as the 5 Dollar off Chapan’s yougurt! – Thanks for holding this awesome contest!

  82. Lindsay

    I love the milk coupons that made 4L less than $3! I also love the coupon Christine checkout 51 matchup the best! Thank-you for all of the hard work that you do to save us all money!

  83. Christine V

    My favourite coupons are obviously the FPC, but specifically I loved the deli meat coupons or the yogurt coupons. Yum! My favourite posts from you guys are honestly, where to go when there’s a good deal on. The flyer matchups are great too. Thanks for all your hard work!

  84. Sarah O'Flanagan

    I love all baby coupons -because diapers are freaking expensive!!

    My favourite posts are the “cheapest place to buy” this week. Saves me soooooo much time.

    I love you Christine!!!!

  85. Elizabeth

    I love all coupons of any value for just about anything … My family uses the match-ups to go shopping with … (Great for added math homework without them feeling like they are in school.) Our kids have figured out that if we save money on the `needs’ there is more for the `wants’. It’s a win-win.

  86. Keri Lukings

    I love any coupons, but my favorite lately was the $2.00 off the Pedisure that I actually picked up at your workshop Christine. I have a step daughter who is a very picky eater, so it is great to supplement with on those days that she refuses to eat much.

    My favorite posts on your website are the flyer and coupon matchups. I work a lot and it is so nice to have that matching and research done for me already….a great time saver.

    Thanks Christine for all you do. You are my favorite website out there!


  87. Joan Desaulniers

    Love the Dove coupons but today the Gold Bond $5 coupon because I stacked it checkout 51 for free hand cream at Target! I love love love your weekly shopping list coupon match ups.

  88. Autumn Taylor

    I love coupons for yogurt and for household cleaners and dishwasher tabs. I love your coupon matchups and look forward to them each week!

  89. Michelle Garrow

    Hi Christine, I’m a stay at home mom, who’s children are now full time in school. I’ve been trying to start a home based business and save the family some money. I have only been trying this about 3 weeks and finding it very exciting. I love all types of coupons (especially buy one get one free). I think your site is fabulous a friend sent me a request to “LIKE”” your site and I really enjoy looking forward to your post everyday. Just to ad part of business is making Diaper Cakes for Baby Showers and loving the diaper coupons.

  90. Amy

    My favourite coupon has to be the printable infant tylenol coups. Without them i would have paid a fortune! With a daughter under two and another one on the way, i need to stock up again. Sick, teething babies, are not fun, free tylenol definitely was a lifesaver! Anything to help with the cost of having children. LOVE the baby sample post too! Have signed up again for munchkin number two, and send all the mommas i know there. A little bit of time filling things out is worth it! Thanks so much!

  91. Kim McArthur

    Hi Coupon Christine 🙂

    I love love love FPC’s, who doesn’t love free right 🙂

    As far as my favourite post on coupon christine…well that is a hard one but if I have to pick out of every I would say the price match list in where to buy things the cheapest each week. I print it out every week!! Thank you Christine and Lizzy for all that you do!!


    • sara rai

      sorry forgot to add this to the comment. I love your weekly newspaper price match posts:P I just check yours post and prepare for the weekend shopping:) Thanks for taking your time in doing that.

  92. karen

    I like the poise pads and glucerna coupons. Every bit helps with expensive health issue items. I really like the cheapest prices for food items post because it makes the job of keepng my food bill down so much easier.

  93. Tanya

    I love getting grocery coupons…cheese,cereal,yogurt,lunch mates,etc
    I love coupons as i am a single mother of 3 and it helps with saving on the grocery bill
    I also love your post of sales each week helps me decide where to go
    Sure hoping i win

    Thanks coupon Christine

  94. Erin

    I love coupons for products I wouldn’t normally buy. Not a necessity so it’s a treat with a coupon and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my grocery money – More like a smart shopper.
    I also loved my Johnsonville coupon. Got a great deal and made a delicious dinner!

  95. Kathy Woolsey

    One of my favourite coupons was Save $1 wub2 Lysol products. Disinfectant Wipes were on sale 2 for $2 at NoFrills so 0.50 each! On i love to see the Coupon – Flyer matchups! I always use them to find the best deals in the city! Thanks so much for everything you do.

  96. nat dono

    I really like the coupons from general mills for breakfast items. free yogurt, or snack bars are awesome!
    and I love the coupon flyer matchups. thanks so much!

  97. Terri Campbell

    My absolute favourite coupons are BOGO, particularly if they are for staples, ie., canned tomatoes, canned milk, cleaning products, canned vegetables etc. If they are for candles like the Glade ones out right now, they make great gifts i.e., post person (in the rural areas, they are extremely important people to me), My favourite column on is the Coupon-Flyer matchups. You have really made my life easier, which allows me to spend that extra time doing what I enjoy. Thanks Christine.

  98. Kristy T.

    1) The coupon for $2 off Secret Antiperspirant was great when it was on sale at Walmart for $2 (making it free)!

    2) I like your cheapest price list…it makes my price matching much faster.

    I’m so glad my friends turned me on to your your Facebook posts. I’ve gotten lots of coupons and free samples.

  99. Kate

    Right now I love the Nielsen trutaste $1 and the Janes $2 printable. Also looking forward to using the $4 aspirin coupon at RcSS this week!!!

  100. linda mcmillen

    I love the matchups. I learned from you to use a book to store coupons and won’t leave home without my book. Waiting for my free Dove coupon.

  101. Sharon Scruton

    My favorite coupons are for toilet paper and the B1G1 free glade candles. My favorite weekly post from Coupon Christine is the coupon match up of all the stores. That is so helpful and saves me so much time.

  102. Shannon

    My favourite by far is the Cheapest Meat/Diapers posts because I can quickly reference it for the best deal. My second would have to be the Match-ups. I love that you put the prices and if it is available cheaper at another store.
    My favourite coupons are free product coupons.

  103. Shayna

    My favourite coupon has been for Advil so far. 72 Advil liquid gels reg. $18.99 on sale for $10.99 coupon of $3 off, PLUS Checkout 51 had $5 back.

    I’m new to couponing, so the weekly match-ups is the beneficial to me.

  104. Jennifer

    My Favourite coupon has been the Black diamond cheese block ones, and lactancia milk! My favourite posts are the weekly matchups and cheapest price lists, use both each week!

  105. Jessica

    I like the coupons for expensive toiletries! (E.g razors & toothpaste). I love your posts on matchups & cheapest grocery list!

  106. Kathy

    Just new to couponing, my favourite coupon was for $2.00 off Jane’s chicken strips. My favourite weekly post if I had to pick just one would be the coupon flyer matchups.

  107. Kim Hunt

    My favourite part about this site is the flyer match ups and previews of upcoming sales. A month ago I was not using couponing to the fullest. After going to Christine’s workshop it now makes a lot more sense. Keep up the great job. You too Lily.

  108. Kelly

    My favourite coupon recently was a BOGO for Pantene shampoo which I found in a magazine. My favourite post is definitely the weekly match-ups! It saves me so much time and money. I also love the daily email you send with all the deals in one spot it’s easy to catch up on them at the end of the day. Thanks so much for all you do!

  109. katey berzins

    My favourite were the free Kraft cheese coupons in the Kraft sample pack for $9.99. My favourite posts would also have to be the free samples .

  110. Dana hollingsworth

    My favorite oupons is the 2.00 off nestle/gerber baby cereal when it goes on sale for 2.97 im golden!!

    Favorite post this week is when u said you won 2nd place on the mommys vote…hoped for 1st but 2nd was a great win!!!!

  111. sarah sar

    I Love reading your blog! My favourite posts are where you share info on free samples and also your flyer match-ups which are always wonderfully organized and very helpful. If I had to pick a favourite coupon, it would be for something I buy a lot for my family….love the Sunlight laundry detergent, Clear Shampoo and Kraft dairy coupons. 🙂

  112. Elisa

    My favourite coupons are yogurt & cheese. We go through so much so every little bit counts.
    My favourite post each week is definitely coupon flyer matchups and cheapest price. They take so much work off my plate. Thank you, thank you!!

  113. Haley C

    My favorite coupons are the Catelli pasta coupons. I can re order it often enough I never pay for pasta! I love the coupon match-ups, they are so helpful!

  114. Chantel Mac Cuish

    My favourite coupons are for VH Steamers and Healthy Choice Steamers. My favourite posts are the Coupon Match-ups and new coupons spotted.

  115. Cheyenne

    My Favorite coupon has been when I received my $10.00 coupon from Pampers. And the matchups that you do are definitely a help for management on shopping. Thanks

  116. Jamie T

    It is hard to pick my favorite thing….probably the matchups. Even though I live out West, many of them are still relevant 🙂

  117. Bonnie

    Love any coupon that I can get. Probably any food coupon always helps a lot though. Love the early flyer release and the cheapest price match up. Saves a lot of time. Thanks


  118. Megan

    My favourite coupons are the ones for yogurt and all the kraft product coupons such as peanut butter. My favourite posts would have to be the cheapest price list and the flyer match ups.
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  119. Mallory Wilson

    Ohhhh! A CONTEST!
    My favourite post that happens each week? That’s tough. I like the coupon match-ups, but I also like the best prices. I think I am going with the match-ups with the printable sheet.

    WAIT! I also love the deals! I am STILL enjoying my cheap K-Cups!

    The deals. That’s my favourite 🙂

  120. Amanda Whitehead

    My favorite coupon was the FPC on cereal boxes also loved the buy $15 save $10 glade coupons I love to follow your coupon match ups and daily deals you find for us, thank you. Also happy to help you come in second place the other night, congrats

  121. katie burk

    My favorite coupons are deff for chesse strings, cream chesse and lunchables! And my favorite post this week from coupon christine waz deff the sneak peaks! And deff the match ups!

  122. Heather Stephenson

    Favourite coupon was the Free box of the new Cheerios (from this past summer) I traded so much and ended up with 10 free boxes of cereal that my kids LOVE! Was the best coupon and so worth the trades in the end.

    My favourite posts from your site is the weekly list of where things are cheapest – LOVE this weekly list 🙂 Of course I also use the weekly coupon match ups as well. I also really enjoyed your family stay-cation ideas this past summer. We did a lot of the activities that you looked into.

    Love all that you do.

  123. Kristin Dunlop

    I have only been doing this a couple of months so any coupons I can get a hold of is what I like. I like how we can see the previews of the inserts that will be coming out in the newspapers. one of the coupons that I have gotten recently is the ones for the Disney gummies kid vitamins.

  124. Michelle

    The best coupon I got this summer was the Chapmans $4.00 coupon. It meant that I got a huge tub of chapmans for .99 ….. oh, and I also was happy with the SoGood ones too !

  125. Chantal

    I love the shampoo and body wash coupon
    its a thrill to get a good bottle of wash for under .$1.
    I always look forward to the weekly match up

    thank you

  126. Brooke

    I am very new to couponing (just attended your seminar this week), so any coupons are good coupons!
    My favourite thing right now is the cheapest price list!

  127. Amber c

    The best coupon I have received are FPC. Who doesn’t like free stuff. I enjoy seeing the weekly coupon match up. I helps me to get the maximum savings for that weeks trip.

  128. Stace M

    My fav coupons are ones that help me buy my little one snacks she likes – sting cheese, cookies, etc…but I love all coupons because they all help! My favourite thing to see is your weekly coupon match ups and just the way you keep us up to date on new coupons/deals and freebies! Really appreciate it! 🙂

  129. Jill

    I have been very grateful for the infants Tylenol coupons. In the last 4 months my little boy has gotten 8 teeth! I look forward to the match ups and cheapest price lists each week.

  130. Laura

    My favourite coupons recently have been the $1 and $2 off Ground Chicken and Turkey coupons. I like seeing the posts for local events in and around London, Ontario.

  131. Nancy L

    Hi Christine,

    I love the pasta & ice cream coupons. I really do enjoy all aspects of your website. I find yours the easiest and most informative compared to other websites. I also like the daily emails you send me with updates. The best part….if I have a question, you are so prompt and informative to answer!! LOVE IT!! Thanks for all you do 🙂

  132. Deborah Kleinschmidt

    I love the flyer/coupon match up that comes out weekly. I have only been doing this for one week (after attending your class in Stratford!!) My first trip out and I saved $95 between coupons and price matching! I never would have done that before your class. I was the only one that raised her hand when you asked “does anyone here NOT coupon?” My best coupon last week was Jane’s chicken for $2 and it was $4.99 at Wal-mart! Keep up the amazing work Christine.

  133. Kelly Bouma

    Love the Schneiders Lunch mate coupons and always check your match ups for the lowest prices – thanks for your hard work

    • Kim Mckay

      Favourite post on your page the match up. It makes it so much easier for me. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it

  134. Filomena

    I don’t have a favourite coupon but any coupon that will help me save money is good in my eyes. I love the flyer/coupon matchups. It comes in so handy and saves me some extra time in this busy busy world. My granddaughter says her best coupon is the ice cream one (Chapmans)

  135. Angie LeBreton

    My favorite coupon is Majesta,and I love how this site does flyer match-up and early preview of flyers.

  136. Sandra Hall

    I love all coupons…with the price of groceries going up needed them even more…does not matter if .25 – 2.25.. I will take the time to sort. I am just starting out and have very few coupons and also would like to get my daughter started on them because of 4 children and only 1 working parent….

  137. Mindy Leveille

    Sweet baby Ray’s AND the LaCoupe were my favorite coupons since I begun
    I Cant wait for the Flyer Match Ups each and every week, I check over and over again for the flyers to be posted!!!

  138. Amanda Tr

    Love the Starbucks Refresher/coffee drink coupons! Or a coupon which makes an item Free like Razors, toothbrushes, etc.
    I look forward patiently to your Match ups since you include CO51 offers as well as flyer sales. 🙂 This makes it easier to know what items to buy using coupons and apps!

    Love the Match ups layout! Easy to read and skim over to find out what products I need to pick out coupons for.

  139. Billie Hunter

    I Love Coupon Christie – My Favorite Coupon was the Herbal Essence Buy 2 and save $3.50. It was wonderful getting shampoo and conditioner for .50 cents. I love all your posts that help me coupon better. Thank you Coupon Christie!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Tifani Whiteman

    My favourite coupons to use are cereal coupons (for oatmeal crisp), and cheese coupons. I love seeing the sneek peeks of flyers and checkout 51.

  141. Lisa Spray

    I love all coupons, but favorites are for of course the free food coupons, ones for dairy free products (soy,almond, rice milks), lunch snacks and meats. I like reading all your post, that way if I miss something, or forget about something you are my great reminder. Thanks 🙂

  142. Tanya Vessie

    My favourite coupons were the $5 and $10 off cheques/coupons I had for similac Mom shakes I used to drinks as additions to my meals while breastfeeding, I am not a big eater and needed to get the extra calories in! 😀

    My favourite thing about your blogs/FB is the weekly price matching PDFs. So amazing of you to do all that work and share it with all of us!!! 😀

    Would love to get some more advice on coupling.. I wish I was able to come to your last seminar.. but will look forward to your first one on 2014 instead!! Good luck with the baby!! 😀

  143. Cheryl Taylor

    I like all coupons but the best one are the toiletries (Dove products) Plus I have a new grandbaby ( a girl ) so the pampers will be on my list now, those coupons will be great for the new parents.
    My favourite thing you (Coupon Christine) post are the items that are big specials like the peanut butter, laundry soaps and so on.
    Christine you do all the work for us so thank you so much.
    Each day I come on my FB to see what you have posted to see if I need to run out and stock up !
    Thanks again Christine I hope one day you can come here and do a class for us 🙂

  144. Karissa Anzil

    I recently moved back to Canada from the States where I grew up and picked up couponing. My favourite coupon would have to be $1 off Reynolds Parchment Paper since I am a baker, but I do love all coupons. I have found your site very helpful in the last month and a half since I have been back home, I especially the match-ups. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your time and effort in providing this to everyone.

  145. Katz1259

    Any coupon is a good coupon… as long as it is for a product you use or need. Of course the more valuable the coupon the better and the ones that are for a free product , although rare, are amazing and well worth the wait and search to find one.

    I love when you post “where to find certain items cheapest this week” …. but you post sooo much helpful information it’s hard to choose. And speaking personally one of the very best things is that you are a person that cares. You don’t just post and that’s it. I have asked questions and you have answered them in a very timely manner. Many sites as large as you don’t do that. In fact you are lucky if they even acknowledge their followers, let alone answer a question. So again… I would like to say thank you for all of your hard work and for staying “humble” enough to talk to us “little folk” !!

  146. Mary Hietkamp

    My favourite coupons to date would have to be all the Ones for cleaning ones

    My favourite thing you blog on is the match ups

  147. Kathleen

    I love baby coupons! That is how i started couponing.
    I love and look forward to the “match ups ” everyweek. I find them helpful and show me what i forgot to add to my list.

  148. monique beaudette

    I love any food coupons, I really liked the pepsi promo and look forward to your weekly price matching! Thank you

  149. Lisa Bower

    my favourite coupons are the barilla ones, there was also a quantum finish tab one that did not specify which size count , so using it on the box of 10 tabs made it an awesome deal !
    Love the posts that have sneek photos of flyers!:)

  150. Jen Masselis

    My favourite coupons are the Tres Semme tear pads for $1.50. I use alot of hair styling products then I give the left overs away for Christmas!

    I look forward to the cheapest price list every week, it really saves the time of looking at all the flyers and makes it easier to price match!

  151. deborah williamson

    Your site is amazing, and i love all the work you have done to provide us with these coupons. My favorite coupons are for the food, and being on welfare, these coupons have come in handy.

  152. Lisa Newell

    latest favorite that just expired today actually was the $5 got2b, my daughter loves the stuff so traded like mad and stocked up at the various sales that happened all month 🙂

  153. Sandra Whyte

    My fav coupons are the Chapman ice cream ones and the FPC’s of course. I love the shopping list and the coupon matchups which save us so much time!

  154. Anna

    My favorite coupons are for yogurts, butter, eggs and milk. I love the sneak peaks that we get of upcoming flyers or co51! And I also love the match ups of course 🙂

  155. carlycanadian

    My favorite coupon is $3off Cesars’ 12pk dog food lol, got 2 pups to feed! plus any FPC’s for food 🙂
    Love the Coupon Match ups & the early flyers posted by CouponChristine! Thanks for doing this every week as its a real time saver & money saver! 🙂

  156. Jilaine Gibson

    I would love to get more coupons, currently helping a few friends coupon, would be nice to be able to start them off.

    • Jilaine Gibson

      favourite coupons were the last secret deoderant, as I was able to buy enough that I will not have to pay for it for a while

  157. Laura

    My favorite coupons are for Iams cat food or Europe’s best frozen fruit. I have two picky cats at home who will only eat Iams and I love to be able to help out my family with free products from food to personal hygiene. I always look forward to the coupon match up of the week and the ones keeping me in the loop of when the next insert will be. It saves me so much time and makes sure i never miss a deal all thanks to Thank you so much for all you do

  158. Shanna Coad

    I currently like Diaper coupons!! I always like coupons that will get me something for free though too. I love the match ups and the cheapest prices list!! I also love your community, everyone is so helpful to each other!!!

  159. Michelle B

    oops, i forgot to say i love your checkout 51 posts and also the cheapest prices list…makes it so easy to figure out the best deal

  160. Laurie S

    My favourite coupon are the ones with overages from Walmart 🙂 Recently was the Rays bbq sauce. I love Coupon Christine website, its informative, she’s always the first to post all the current deals. My favourite thing is her price match for fruits & veggies. She’s just overall fantastic!!

  161. Christal J McKay

    My favourite coupon would be the milk and egg coupons. My favourite CouponChristine post is the flyer match ups, and I like that fact that 51 is now included. Will there be a time that CouponChristine will post the Loblaws bonus points? And/or Metro air mile points? And/or Sobey points (I don’t shop at Sobey’s so I don’t know how the points work on this one).

  162. Fadela Ahmed

    Love getting the weekly price matchups.. Saved me to time on where to look for deals .. Thank you for all that you do

  163. Jane McClimond

    I love the Gay Lea coupons. I can seem to find them anywhere and we eat a lot of cottage cheese in my house. Right now I would love to have soup coupons, I just got 11 teeth pulled yesterday! UGH! Thanks Christine for all that you do for us!

  164. Lisa Hillier

    I loved the Stayfree Coupons where you had the printed coupon and combined with the sale at SS they were only $.17!!
    I love the coupon match ups every week!!
    thanks Christine!!

  165. Missy ferguson

    Best coupon free chocolate / ice cream I hate to pay for junk . Love the newest coupon posts and match ups of course!


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