WINNER of an OVERNIGHT STAY in OTTAWA with Coupon Christine and Delta Ottawa City Center

MODE DeluxeHow would you like to WIN an overnight stay in Ottawas Delta City Center? 

WINNER IS ….. TERESA M (email is Matt***Q*******!  You have been emailed Teresa and you have 48 hours from now to email me back so I can connect you with the wonderful people of OTTAWA DELTA CITY CENTER.

Check out the Delta Ottawa City Center in Ottawa has sponsored an awesome page giveaway  exclusive to Coupon Christine fans ONLY.

1)  You will have to go and LIKE and SHARE on your own Facebook Page this contest post with a link to the Delta Ottawa’s Facebook page (click here) in your comment.

2) and post a comment below this blog post in comment section explaining why you deserve to win a getaway.

3) Winner will be selected using on Aug. 12, 2013.

4) Please only Canadians apply, and winner will have 48 hours to email me with their full mailing address to receive the FREE VOUCHER

5) Only ONE entry per COMPUTER / IP address / Facebook Account
CONTEST will CLOSE on SUNDAY, August 11, 2013 at 9pm (est).  Canadians only. MODE Room

 Prize consists of 1 night stay in a newly renovated Mode room including breakfast for 2 – certificate is valid until Dec 30th 2014
Valid on weekends only, subject to availability and advanced reservations. Blackout periods apply. The prize excludes all incidental charges, alcohol and parking. Certificate has no cash value and must be presented at check in. Cancellation is 48 hrs prior to otherwise certificate nul and void. To see more about what Ottawa’s Delta has to offer – click here to see there website
Thank you to the Delta Ottawa City Center for sponsoring this great giveaway and to Linda T who loves the site 🙂

93 thoughts on “WINNER of an OVERNIGHT STAY in OTTAWA with Coupon Christine and Delta Ottawa City Center

  1. Cheryl P

    We deserve, or better said would love (cause everyone deserves a mini getaway) because my Dad is terminally ill (with a short timeline) and we are trying to do as many things with him while he is still able to. Not sure that he has ever been to the capital to see things. Would love to share this with him!

  2. Alynne Grover

    I would love to win this! This summer we missed our holidays because all three of our wonderful children got chicken pox… We need a little vacation away from the house where we have finally all recovered! Ottawa would be a great getaway and a great learning experience for the kids with so many awesome things to do!(art galleries,museums, and parliament of course!) thanks!

  3. Katharine W

    I deserve a getaway because I haven’t had a vacation in years since we had kids. Working doesn’t always give you enough money to go on a vacation. I have 2 girls, 5 and 19 months and I don’t think we’ve gone anywhere in 6 years.

  4. Kirsteen Binkley

    I would love a family getaway! I have never been to Ottawa! Would love to take my daughter to skate on the canal!

  5. Maggie

    I would love to win this get away! One of my girlfriend’s just moved there and I would love to go visit her 🙂

  6. Liz

    I would love this mini getaway! My husband and I have had an interesting year with me losing my job, getting another job and buying our first house we have not had the opportunity to actually go away this year. Ottawa is a wonderful area with so much culture!

  7. Autumn

    We just had twins 11 months ago and also have a five year old. We would LOVE to have a getaway just my husband and I 🙂

  8. Bernadette Duong

    Just like everyone else entering who wouldn’t love a vacation anywhere let alone one that is free.. I don’t feel I deserve this vacation over anyone else as everyone has there moments. I’m just a simple mother of 4, my husband and I both work and would love the opportunity to have a date night. This would be the perfect getaway with today being our anniversary and my birthday just around the corner.. I wish everyone the best and I hope the winner post pictures of their getaway and has some good stories to share when they return..

  9. Crystal Norman

    I would love to win this contest for my husband and myself. Over the last year he has been caring for me and my family after I had an accident all while renovating our home.

  10. Cassie

    I think almost everyone deserves a little getaway but I would love this for the same reasons as everyone else. We all work hard and all make sure our children have everything they need and want and never really take the time for ourselves 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  11. Ashley

    I would love a getaway… my son just turned 1 and my fiance and I have not had a date night since he was born. My fiance has worked his butt off while I was on maternity leave so that we could still live comfortably so I didn’t have to go back to work early. I would love to win this and surprise him with this mini-getaway!!

  12. Jennifer flint

    My husband and I are currently saving for a house. We have a 21 month old daughter and have not been in a vacation in what feels like forever. We need some time to reconnect as the last couple of years have been a whirlwind.

  13. Hilary Knox

    The reason my family could use this get away is my daughter was born still born on April 25,2013.. There was so much to be done that you can never prepare yourself for my husbend and son would be so surprised if I could tell them we could go away for a weekend and be distracted and forget what we have been through even for just a couple of days.

  14. Keggers

    I would love to win this for my boyfriend and I. With him working a full-time and and trying to go back to school and me working 3 part-time jobs we find it very difficult to spend time together as a family. Our son turns 2 tomorrow and would love to have some great family quality time <3

  15. M Trace

    I would love to win this little getaway to be able to bring my two daughter’s to visit their Uncle who lives in Ottawa but doesn’t have a place big enough for us to stay at. They have not seen their Uncle Buddy in 2 years as he does not have a vehicle to be able to drive to see us. This would be a great chance to bring them together as they love each other so much. Thanks for the opportunity Coupon Christine and Delta Ottawa City Center. Good luck everyone.

  16. Lorie Ratz

    Well this would be lovely to win, as with most working families it is a challenge to be able to afford to have a getaway. I would love to win this as I have family in the Ottawa area that have not had the pleasure of meeting my children (one teenager and tween). Also there is so much quality family time and memories that we could make. Best of luck too all. Thank you for having this giveaway and special thanks to Delta Ottawa City Center for donating this prize.

  17. Katz1259

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this contest prize of a night’s stay at the Delta Ottawa City Center hotel compliments of Coupon Christine… but then so would everyone else! Who wouldn’t??!! My son attended university in Ottawa and I used to love going to visit him and exploring Ottawa. This is an amazing city with much to explore and always something new to see… as well as all of your old favourite haunts. I would love to win for many reasons. I would love to give this certificate to my son and his new fiancee so they could visit Ottawa together and he could show her around his alma mater. I would love to win so I could have a get away. I have not been out of St. Thomas since my son graduated almost 4 years ago (or is it 5?). I really really really would love LOVE love to win this prize. Good luck everyone! and to the winner have a wonderful trip in our nation’s capital!!

  18. Katrina

    I would love to win a nights stay at the Delta Ottawa City centre for our family. We would use this opportunity and include it in a family vacation. After a crazy summer it would be nice to just relax!

  19. Crystal Alves

    I would love to win this for my boyfriend and I – for a special date night. He’s always treating me, when we go out and never lets me treat him. This would be a great evening, to go out and experience Ottawa and show him how much I love him.

  20. Heather McNab

    I would love this getaway. My boyfriend and I both work a lot and in also raising a 13 year old son who has had a lot of issues with his dad this year, causing him to act out and turn his dear old mom grey. I could use a little relaxation. We have been waiting for a holiday but the cost to get away is so very steep.

    Good luck to all who enter.

  21. Denise

    I would love to win this getaway for my husband and I! Never been to Ottawa our nations capital and it would be a nice trip as this year is our 20 anniversary! Been together since high school. I have heard great things about Ottawa and many of my friends suggest that I visit some time. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  22. Michelle

    My husband and I have been married 11 yrs and did have a honeymoon.We have 3 wonderful boys so time to ourselves is minimum.Would love a mini getaway

  23. Michelle Dimmock

    I would love to have a mini getaway. This summer hasn’t turned out to be the best one I’ve had and on top of it all, I wasn’t able to take a week off. My next scheduled week of holidays don’t come till January. I would love to take my son on a getaway adventure.

  24. Amanda Cooney

    I would LOVE to win this contest prize of a night’s stay at the Delta Ottawa City Center hotel from Coupon Christine. mY FAMILY AND i could explore and check out everything out As, i have neve I would love to give this certificate to my son and his nr been there before. I really apprechaite winning this Good luck everyone!

  25. Diane welburn

    I would love to get a chance to spend some time in ottawa. The last time I went was when I was a teen almost 20 years ago!!

  26. Lisa

    I would love to head to Ottawa! I’m In Need of a little down time but more importantly I’d love to spoil my amazing husband who has out up with me choosing to be pregnant and carry 5 children over the last 6 years – for other people… Not to mention the fact that he’s an amazing father to our own kids!
    AND. The draw is on my birthday!

    Thanx so much for sponsoring this contest Delta Ottawa City Center & Coupon Christine!

  27. melissa

    y wedding is August 17th! I live in Ottawa, we have no money for a honeymoon yet so this would be a great blessing!

  28. gayle b

    I believe that I deserve to win this getaway because I work incredibly hard, manage our home/family on an incredibly tight budget so lots of coupons/price matching and sale shopping must take place, and due to spouse with injuries, most household tasks are completed by myself. It just seems like the work never ends. I need a break! As well, we have friends and family in the Ottawa area whom we would love to visit but our travel budget is currently non existent! Thanks so much for sponsoring this terrific giveaway Delta Ottawa City Centre and Coupon Christine!! Good luck all 🙂

  29. seham

    i would love to win this since my husband will be going to ottawa to drop off my kids to ottawa for camp and will be returning home back to london which he has viagara which allows him to not drive for more than 2 hours and that he has to rest then drive the following day, we are struggling to try find some hotels but cannot find with a great price we would love to win it would be an honor <3

  30. Stacey Swartz

    I’d love to win this for my husband and I! A few months before we got married, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and we were unable to go on a honeymoon. We’ve been married just over two years now and I’d love to have the chance to spend even just a night with him as our “mini-honeymoon”

  31. Tanya Calvert

    Would love to win this for My hubby and I’s fifth anniversary – and as a celebration of our second child (due on the 10th :D)

  32. Tonya Nichol

    We would Love and be Honored if we could win this. it would serve as a great break and stress reliever for my husband who’s place of employment burned down august 1st so something like this would be such a blessing to get his mind off of what is going on.. thanks in advance 🙂

  33. Joan Boor

    My husband and I deserve a getaway because I work crazy nutty hours. I work two jobs and I am often gone from home from 7am until 10 pm. When I’m not at work, I’m often driving our daughter and 2 year old granddaughter to CHEO in Ottawa for several doctors’ appointments (she has been diagnosed with JIA which is a form of rheumatoid arthritis) It has been a very stressful year for our family and a “mini” getaway would be a welcome break.

  34. Rhonda Banks

    I would love to win an opportunity to spend some time in this great hotel and to explore the sights and sounds of our nation’s capital!! Hubby & I need some down time;)

  35. Elizabeth Fountain

    I would love to win this because, I have never been to Ottawa, and due to job loss and life, my Boyfriend and I have had to cancel each and every weekend away or day trip this summer.

  36. Chantal Landry

    3 words – Queues de castor (Beavertails) after a nice long skate on the Rideau Canal for me, my fiance and our 2 girls. This would make a lovely winter getaway vacation. I would love to win this contest. Thanks for the opportunity Delta Ottawa and Coupon Christine

  37. Chantal Landry

    3 words – Queues de castor (Beavertails) after a nice long skate on the Rideau Canal for me, my fiance and our 2 girls. This would make a lovely winter getaway vacation. I would love to win this contest. Thanks for the opportunity Delta Ottawa City Centre and Coupon Christine

  38. Karly

    Would love to win this getaway! Have been working 50+ hours a week doing straight nights for 1.5 years, working in a residential treatment centre for children with mental health…..could definitely use a vacation! Hubby is struggling with health problems and is unable to work currently so we don’t have any extra funds to be able to go away!

  39. Leila

    I need the vacation and I have an 11 year old son who I have never been able to afford to take away on vacation. I love Ottawa and know that he would too. The Museum of Nature , The Museum of Science and Technology and I would love to go the Art Gallery. There is so much to see there and I would love to show him.

  40. Kelly M

    I would love to win this getaway so that I could go and see both my sons who are working and going to school in Ottawa. One of them I have not seen since Christmas !!!
    Ottawa is a beautiful city and it would be lovely to explore with my sons.

  41. Lacey A

    I would LOVE to win this getaway with my family. My has a full time job where he works 44hrs there and to boot we do farming which alone in itself is a full time job. He doesn`t get home until 930pm some days. He doesnt get to see the kids much due to his very crazy and hectic schedule, but we know its for the better as he is a VERY hard working, dedicated father & husband who wants nothing but the best for his family! Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

  42. Christina Delaney

    My boyfriend and I would love to win this. We live in Moncton NB and my sister has moved to Ottawa four years ago for work. We only get to see eachother at Christmas and around summer. Beeing pregnant with our first child, I would love to go to Ottawa and spend time with my sister before the baby comes .

    Thank you Coupon Christine and Delta Ottawa for thos chance of winning 🙂

  43. Chris

    My wife and I would like a very brief break from our lively five year old boy and twin eleven month old son and daughter. What better shot than Ottawa?

  44. Tina

    I would love this getaway for our anniversary. We will be married 15 years in September and we have not gone away together (just the two of us) not even a honeymoon. It would be awesome to spend some quality time with my hubby!

  45. Teresa matthews

    I would live to win this my husband and I have been married for 30 years we have never had a honeymoon it was always the kids came first I have come down with copd lung and my have to have a transplant I would so love to get away and just forget even just for a day or 2 thank u

  46. missy ferguson

    would love to win this because .. hubby and i never get a way we just cant afor it so only way we get a vacation is to win one … good luck everyone and ty Christine and delta 🙂

  47. Lindsay P

    Well, I’m not sure about “deserve”, but I would like to win. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 5 years. We’re both students though, so we don’t have money to spend on trips or fancy dinners. This would be lovely to win as an anniversary gift, a little spoiling would be nice!

  48. Thomine Robert

    How great is the getaway giveaway! My husband and I have 2 young children and would absolutely love a night away in Ottawa! It would be wonderful timing with our 7th wedding anniversary coming up too<3 Thank you Delta Ottawa City Centre and Coupon Christine!

  49. Dana Hollingsworth

    I would love to win this cause my poor hubby planned such a beautiful trip to niagra falls for our aniversary and i was sick the whole time! i would LOVE to make it up to him and spend some greatime alone as he havent since our beautiful baby was born!

  50. Tracy Pereira

    I would love to win this trip for my boyfriend and I. He works out of town so we don’t get to spend a lot of time together. So this would be a great little getaway in a city that I love and can’t get enough of (even though it’s been more than 8 years since I have been there). It is a gorgeous city!

  51. Valerie Maloney

    Hi Christine,
    No long sad stories, just to say, I have been sick for a very long time and unable to go anywhere. I have never been to Ottawa and would consider this a true blessing. Love to meet YOU and to have the ability to spend a little with you. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  52. Jennifer Elrick

    I would love to win this so my fiance and I can go on a honeymoon. We are getting married in Septmber so it would be great timing!

  53. Dannielle Sprigg

    I am sure everyone deserves a getaway and it would be hard to pick one person. If that person shall be me, I would be grateful to be chosen. I have never been to Ottawa. I homeschool my oldest and am a foster mom to 10 children ( not all at once) I believe in a balanced work-play-live lifestyle. I have to admit I don’t do well at the giving back to me since it is hard for me to say no to a child in need.
    I am always advocating for children and believe in giving them a voice in this world. Thank you for considering me for some down time to Ottawa and Thanks to the Delta Ottawa centre for offering this opportunity.

  54. Tiffany

    Would love to win this! I grew up in Ottawa and have only been back once since I had my son a year ago. I have three new babies to meet back home and winning this would be a blessing. 🙂

  55. Stephanie Muise

    I would love to win! I used to live in Ottawa when I was younger before having kids and marrying. This would be perfect for myself and my husband. A great way to step out of the dreaded shift work routine my husband works and recharge our batteries. Thank you for your consideration, and thank you Delta Ottawa for offering such a wonderful giveaway! Greatly appreciated!

  56. Deb

    I would love to win this getaway so that I could create a photo based powerpoint presentation of Ottawa to share with my students. It would bring the Government Unit to life!

  57. Amanda Ngwenge

    I would love to win this getaway for my husband and I. I am a full-time student with 3 boys and I would love to have a weekend away with him so we can have a well deserved, QUIET relaxing weekend.

  58. lindsey maclean

    I would love to win this getaway so me and my fiance could get out of town for our 10 year anniversary this september. Since we had kids almost 7 years ago we have not had a night alone so this would be amazing. thank you coupon christine and delta ottawa!!!!

  59. Jenn

    I would really love to win this! My hubby and I have our 10th Annniversary coming up, and this would make an awesome getaway with my hubby 🙂

  60. Susan

    I would love to win this overnight stay at the Delta Ottawa City Centre. A night including a luxurious lounge in the bath and quiet reading, rest, relaxation. Time away for rejuvenation and just a night away. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  61. DeAnna

    Would love the opportunity to travel with my little ones – as a single income widow, the opportunity for “extras” like this are only a dream. We are living and loving life each day the most we can and this would be an incredible time for us 🙂

  62. Danielle Trabucco

    I would love to win. I recentley just got engaged and my best friend lives in Ottawa. I would love to go see her and celebrate my engagement. Money is tight like all people so this would make visiting a lot easier! Thank you!!!

  63. AnnMarie

    I so hope my nephew and his wife win this,almost 2 years ago their daughter and only child died very suddenly and they really could use the time away

  64. Lynnsey

    ohhh I would so love to win this! I’ve always wanted to go to Ottawa, but have never had the opportunity. Wit both my husband and I turning the big 3-0 in the coming months, this would be a GREAT mini vacay to celebrate!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  65. jacqueline zwambag

    my husband and i moved to canada from colombia last june ( i am canadian he is colombian)… since then we have not had an adult getaway….. i am working two jobs and run my own business while he works odd jobs and takes care of the kids… we could use the fresh kid free air… show him the capital city and just relax! a great escape!

  66. Sarah

    We have 3 young kids and we would love to have a getaway for just the two of us….its been a while since we have had some alone time 😉 I haven’t really ever been to Ottawa other than a drive through so it would be a great excuse to see the sites there!

  67. Heidi

    I would love to get one night away with my husband. With three kids we are always on the go. We deserve a mini vacation and Ottawa is so beautiful.

  68. Lindsay

    I would love a getaway to Ottawa! Firstly, my husband and I have never been to Ottawa. Secondly, we haven’t had a lot of time alone together since our 4 month old daughter was born and since my husband had been working hard on his PHD. We would REALLY enjoy a little trip! 🙂

  69. Ann Freele

    I would love this night away! My husband is a truck driver who works nights. I have two day jobs…so in our weekly “us-time” is as he is getting up for work mid-afternoon. ( if I am home that day).
    We have had to cancel our vacation this year, due to many reasons ( time, financial, etc), so I think a night away together would rejuvenate 🙂

  70. Trisha

    As a first time mom of an 11 month old who will be returning to work on Sept. 3rd this would be a lovely getaway for us to mark the end our parental leave. My husband went to Carlton to this would be extra special because not only could we take in all the wonder sites of Ottawa we could have our little guy spend some quality time with his Papa’s university friends. Good luck to all the candidates this will be a lovely getaway for anyone and THANK YOU coupon Christine for being so generous.

  71. Melanie

    I would love a chance to explore Ottawa and I hear the Delta hotel has great bedrooms.
    Not to mention some quiet time away from our five kids would be most appreciated by my husband and myself.
    Thanks for the contest.

  72. Terri

    Who doesn’t deserve/want to win this! Great contest Coupon Christine! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  73. Melissa Martin

    Sept 26 2014 I am getting married. We are doing it all ourselves and may not be able to go away afterwards. In trying to squeeze in a night away several of our freinds have told us that Ottawa is a great place to go. Neither myself or husband to be has ever been there and we would love to come up and see it and all it has to offer. Thanks

  74. Cathy Cake

    I would love to win this and go to Ottawa. My hubby and I work opposite shifts and don’t get much chance to spend time together. A nice little trip away would be a welcome break for us and a great way for us to spend time together, exploring the city!

  75. char

    I would love this getaway so my husband and I can get away. We have 2 year old teins and a 7 year old and from the daily stress added with my father-in-law just passing away, my brother now in hospital with a fatal heart condition; we need to take a break from it all.

  76. Ashley S.

    July 5 2014 I am getting married to my fiance of four years now! We’ve had many, many set backs but we’ve pushed through them all and worked together as a couple to make our dreams finally come true! Unfortunately, we will not be able to afford a honeymoon as we are paying for the wedding ourselves and this would be an amazing opportunity to get away together, relax and enjoy all the beautiful city has to offer!

  77. faiza

    I would love to win this mini vacation!!! my husband works very very hard and he really need to have at least a restful weekend!!! Ottawa will be a great place to visit!

  78. Yolla

    I think we need a one night get away since we in our 18 happily married years have never went away without our 3 children, one night would be amazing!

  79. Jennifer MacKellar

    We would love to win this amazing prize. My brother and his family are stationed in Petawawa, and we haven’t seen them in over 4 years, this would be an incredible opportunity to have a family visit.

  80. andrea

    Would love to win this to take our daughter to Ottawa! I don’t want to say we deserve it, because I feel many people with many different issues would as well, but being a one income family (due to my health issues), my hubby does deserve a mini vacation for all he does for us! 🙂

  81. Melissa

    We deserve a holiday as we have 3 little boys are run is wild. With maternity leave just about to end for the little guy funds are tight and we would love to end the summer on a high as it will bt the last one I have completely off with my boys.

  82. Elissa

    I would love for our family of 5 to have one mini getaway before they head back to school. None of us have every been and would love for the kids to see some of our history.

  83. terra

    not sure why my post disappeared…here it is again…

    Terra Catherine Curl id love to win as its been a really rough year. Divorce, court dates, 1 yr anniversary of the death of my son …come sept big changes are happening and hopefully for the best. ill be moving, going back to school and just trying to be the best single mama I can. Would love to take the kids away on my xmas break to enjoy all the great festivals Ottawa has to offer.

    Like · Reply · 1 · August 8 at 11:02am


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