Where can I find TEAR PAD coupons? This IS the big question!

People ask me all the time:  “Where is the best place to find tear pads? What stores? Is there a secret to when they come out?”

Tear pads are typically located with the product located near the price or just hanging from a Smartsource clip board (see picture).  The best stores to find tear pad coupons include:


Look in these stores for Manufacturer coupons. *Coupon zone are also available at the front of the stores.

 All coupons: Freshco, Metro, Foodland, Food Basics, RCSS*,No Frills*,  Loblaws*  Independant*

 HYGIENE / MED coupons: Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart


The answer to when do they come out or how can I not fall victim to the ‘stripped tear pad’ is not an easy one to answer.  Tear pads are usually distributed to the stores by reps.  These people drop off the coupons and the device to hang the coupon on and then leave the store.  They often times give the store manager/owners extras to put out on their discretion.  My best tip is to make friends with your store manager where you shop that you know has had tear pads in the past. Ask them when he/she sees the rep – is it the first Monday of a month? or is it random?  Ask if they have more in the back that they haven’t refilled on the tear pad – sometimes just by being friendly and asking nicely goes along way!




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