What is Overage? Do Ontario Stores Pay Out Overage to Customers?

First, what is overage? Overage is when the coupon value you have is worth MORE than the product is selling for in the store.  Ex. if you have a $1 off coupon for toothpaste, but toothpaste is .88cents, where does the .12cents go? To the store or to the customer? That is what overage defines.

Walmart and Giant Tiger in Ontario both have written in their policy they will give the money right back to the customer in the form of overage.  A lot of couponers do not just go in to get a few tubes of toothpaste to leave with a couple pennies, so this money ends up being transferred to the other purchases you have made.

When can you typically get overage?  Overage tends to happen when the coupon is for ANY sized product and you cash in on finding the smallest product of that line.  It also happens when you find a clearance rack and products are marked down.  Lastly, it happens when Lily and I post on our website and match-ups when overage is possible 🙂

For example, there is a $2 off coupon on Resolve and the bottle this week is on sale for $1.88 – this is an example where the coupon is worth MORE than the product is being sold for.  No Frills will not give you overage, but if you price match this product to Walmart, you will make that .12cents in your pocket.

What about the overage on Zantac?  The most you can get  off your bill is .78 cents (actually .49 cents after tax). This coupon says 1 per customer.  Asking your store to bend the rules and let you take 10 or more off their shelves is like asking the store to help you cheat and steal.

What about overage on Free Product Coupons (fpcs)? If the product is on sale for $3.99 and your free product coupon says max value $5.99, who gets that $2? No one, because the product does not cost $5.99 in that store.  The employee or store CSM is going to write $3.99 on the coupon and claim that value.  When all these coupons go back to the company with the product price that store is selling it at, it keeps prices down and keeps coupons continuing to be distributed for us all.

What about overage on Buy 1 Get 1 product coupons? If the coupon says max value of $5.99, and the free item only cost $3.99 – who gets that? No one, because the product does not cost $5.99 and if you read the fine print of Buy 1 Get 1 coupons it says “no cash or credit in excess of shelf price may be returned to consumer or applied to transaction”.

Please remember, getting overage is rare, it doesn’t happen a lot so don’t get discouraged or upset that you’re not getting it. Bottom line is you’re still saving money and sometimes you may be able to save a little more. 🙂:)

Happy Saving




4 thoughts on “What is Overage? Do Ontario Stores Pay Out Overage to Customers?

  1. Jodi

    I have a couple of different Zantac coupons, and one of them does not specify one per person. But I love that you are informing people of the CORRECT way of using an FPC!!! Unlike some coupon bloggers who do not 🙂

  2. Jen

    I have never had a problem with the zantac overage. I usually get 10 or more at a time. Just to make it clear my husband and dad both use it daily so I’m not just buying for the overage.


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