What is a Coupon Swap? 10 Easy Steps on How to plan a Coupon Swap

Organizing a SUCCESSFUL Coupon Swap :)

I have been asked a lot about how I organize/coordinate my coupon swap events in London and surrounding area.

Firstly, what is a coupon swap?  Defined by me as a way for other fellow couponers in your area to get rid of unwanted coupons, trade coupons and above all make some new friends that are all after the same goal – to save money!

What does it look like?  Every swap is different, mine is fairly organized in that I have sectioned areas for ‘like item’ coupons (see below in Step 5) and not a mass table of chaos like show in this picture to the right.  Women/men move about the room going from area to area picking up FREE coupons that other couponers have left on the table that they want to give away for FREE.

Its fairly easy as long as you have a great group of couponers who would like to attend :)  My swaps have been well attended and range anywhere from 25-50 women and men.

1) Organize a date (I typically like 7pm – 9pm)

2) Find a venue – I have gone with FREE mall food courts that are deserted this time of the night.  See if you can find a community hall that would be willing to loan you space or a church basement.

3) Reminders! Remind people of the event fairly often up and until the date

4) Find an organization/group that you want to donate to. I ask everyone who comes to the swap to bring a donation (obviously donation catered to the organization you pick), and remind people to bring the donations constantly up and until event date.  Consider donating to your local food bank, women’s community shelter, or even the church or venue where you are having the event.  **Make sure you bring a few extra shopping bags or large Rubbermaid totes with you to carry the donations to your car.  I have always had giveaways at my events where 3 women/men would take home something from my personal stock pile for donating.  This adds a bit of fun to the evening.  You can ask people to fill out ballots to be entered into a draw, or based on the people with the biggest donation to the organization

5) One week before event remind the couponers coming to the swap to go through there coupons they will not be using and categorize them and put them into small re-usable ziploc baggies to bring to the swap.  I tell people that the categories that will work best for the swap are:

* Food coupons

* Hygiene/personal care/dental coupons

* Cleaning coupons

* Paper products (TP/tissue) coupons

* Baby coupons

* Animal coupons

* Misc – batteries/restaurant coupons

* Full inserts they will not be using

6) At the venue, find wall space where you can hang up signs of these above listed categories (that you typed up ahead of time and brought).

7) When people arrive, ask them to drop their unwanted FREE coupons on the tables/areas where you have posted the signs.  *Don’t forget to ask people for their donations.

8) People can mingle and take what they want from the table for FREE (as this was someone’s unneeded coupons) and obviously as you are sitting there and other women/men come to the table too, individual trading automatically seems to occur.

9) Binders are also brought to the swap and individual trades can occur throughout the evening.

10)  Finally, decide when your next event should be as a group.  Check in with people to ask if they enjoyed the event, if they would like to see things different next time.  Always good to make sure they come back to the next event!

Coupon Christine :)


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