What can you expect from Coupon Christine and OUR Website

With my daughter on the mend, I can finally get back into couponing again … and I had a chance to read some of your great advice you gave me earlier when I first launced our couponing website

A lot of great changes have already happened on the website, you will notice a few new tabs including Brag Lounge and Deals of the Week which will be where I talk about savings/coupons that are current.

I am also excited to announce that the Dealzinga team and I did a TON of great videos recently at Real Canadian Superstore (RCSS) of not only great tips, but you will see a shopping trip where I spent $4.35 (reg. price was $55) 🙂 STAY TUNED

Other great things to come from the website include:

** An updated list of companies that will send you coupons to your home by simply complementing them on their products/brand

** Daily Deals/Coupon Flyer Match-ups – along with a few GREAT deals to score

** Brag Lounge – where YOU can post pics/savings advice and funny couponing stories 🙂

** Updated video/pics of my own stockpile

** My shopping lists and great tips on how to save money AND time

** FREE stuff – baby, women and men categories

** Answering the most important question of couponers … “where can I find FOOD coupons??”

** How to find hidden coupons?

** Advice on talking to cashiers and managers (advice)

** Coupon Etiquette/Rules and Fluff 🙂

Looking forwarding to helping you save even more money this year 🙂



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