Wendy’s Kids Meals – BONUS surprise bag + $10 savings card for Toys R Us

Wendy’s kids meals come with this surprise bag right now which includes a toy and a coupon for a $10 savings card with purchase of $75 or more at ToysRUs

Surprise is a toy or a game inside.

p.s. ..you dont have to buy the kids meal to get this. As long as you make a purchase of any item you can ask for the kids toy and they will give you this for free ~

Thank you Renee for sharing this picture

2 thoughts on “Wendy’s Kids Meals – BONUS surprise bag + $10 savings card for Toys R Us

  1. Elena

    I was there today….asked about the coupon/semi-asked for the toy package (we never buy a kid’s meal since they eat so little and the value menu is soooo much cheaper.) Was told that there is no coupon, and that “that’s only in the States.” Since I’ve seen this same deal mentioned on several sites, I’m going to email Wendy’s and find out what the official word is. I’m sure it was a case of…employee error, we’ll call it, but we really could have used that coupon!

    • christine Post author

      🙁 sorry to hear that .. This picture was definitely taken from a friend who is from St Thomas Ontario


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