WELCOME to COUPONING: What to expect from CouponChristine.com

Welcome smileto Couponing!  Welcome to keeping money in your wallet and not in the mouths of grocery and retail chains around Canada.

My name is Coupon Christine and I am an avid couponer and teacher of all things couponing for the last year.  You may have stumbled on this website on purpose or by accident, either way, its awesome you found me.

I primarily talk about coupons and good freebies and deals in Ontario.  BUT I have an excellent team of Allstar Couponers from other provinces as well – click here to add them as well.  We are all unique and share a common interest – to SAVE YOU CASH!

I know I know there are a TON of awesome coupon bloggers out there to follow and I am sure you are wondering how I am unique and why CouponChristine.com is where its at!  Well here is my angle and my commitment to my website:

  • I post coupon flyer match-ups that are the most thorough I have seen online AND they are also PRINTABLE so you don’t have to view tiny images on your phone from the grocery store.
  • I am from London Ontario and a lot of fans I have are from there as well after hearing my Monday morning show on BX93 – local information is the best!
  • I post weekly flyer sneak peeks on my website for you to view and enjoy
  • I scour the flyers and post updates for what deals I am chasing that week so you too can benefit from the deals.  W
  • I will not bombard you with contests/giveaways going on from other websites or facebook pages – I am 100% a  coupon website.
  • Lastly, I am someone you can PM and hear back from me within a few hours – for those who have tried this, they know, I am as authentic as it comes!

I have three places I post:

If you are still overwhelmed – sign up to get an email EVERYDAY from me – click here to find out how

Basically, whenever I do a post on my website, I SHARE it to facebook. My best advice is to go right to www.couponchristine.com and scroll back through the pages, lots of coupons out there to get right now and FREEBIES too.

The best advice to learning some ins and outs of coupons is to READ this Coupon 101 document . It has tons of links and it will give you more of a guided tower of my website.

I hope you enjoy the website as much as I do – I honestly can say I love what I do, so drop me a line and let me know what you think!


Coupon Christine

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