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Welcome to the new chapter in your life – the chapter that begins with “I will not pay full price anymore ….”.

I often get asked by family and close friends “Christine, why coupon?”, my response “Why not?” Its a craft, a hobby, a necessity to me now. I don’t think I go a day without looking for coupons, great deals or ways to save my family money.

My purpose with developing this website is not to broadcast to you how much I saved, but more about helping YOU save.  You will notice I called this first post: “Welcome to OUR Website Couponers” as my true passion about couponing and posting links of where to save is for YOU.  There is a common thread I hear from people who follow me on my facebook page – it is “Thank you, I am so glad I found you – I need you to help me save money”.  Stories are shared from my ‘couponing family’ that they have been able to decrease their hours to part time to care for an ill family member, to help pay for that much deserved family vacation, and the most common I hear is couponing has saved me from living pay cheque to pay cheque.  It is THESE stories that make couponing real, that make saving and finding deals much more powerful than $2 off a box of cereal.  Couponing has a life of its own and I would like to introduce it to you all.

Couponers have passion, drive, moments of excitement and glee – its what binds us together, its what keeps us all coming back for more.  Enjoy the savings, enjoy OUR page.


Coupon Christine 🙂


9 thoughts on “Welcome to Couponing – Welcome to OUR Website Couponers

  1. Lisa W

    You’re right, everyone that has found you is extremely grateful! Due to health problems, I haven’t been able to work for almost three years now. With a husband that’s in construction, two teenage daughters and a family friend living with us, every penny counts. I have always used coupons and shopped around (I am dutch after all 🙂 ) but now I am learning even more ways to save. So once again, from one of your fans, THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. tina richardson

    Your page is just wonderful-and it focuses on the true nature of Couponing-“I got a great savings – here let me show you how you can too!” We aren’t in competition-but in the same boat! The economy is trying right now, people are hurting more than ever in the last two or more decades…to me Couponing is returning to a time when people shared knowledge, we helped our fellow man and we planned ahead for hard times—I do not know anyone whose grandparents did not have a “pantry room” or “cellar” that we now call a stockpile….they knew hard times come — we and YOU help people remember how to do what our ancestors did-prep today for tomorrow cause “life has its ups and downs-the key is to prepare for the downs and capitalize on the ups!” Keep sharing and thank you!


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