Websaver Coupon Redemption Problems with Food Basics and Metro

websaver-logoA few people have been mentioning that they have been notified by their local Food Basics and Metro that Websaver.ca coupons are NO longer being accepted at that location.

I have contacted Websaver.ca via their Facebook page and they have responded promptly that upon reading my message they contacted Food Basics and Metro about this.

Websaver says: “The confusion is that Metro AND Food Basics do not accept Print at Home. They FULLY ACCEPT webSaver.ca MAILED OUT coupons. We confirmed the same just now by speaking with Metro HQ live.”

Here is what Metro HQ had to say back to Websaver ~ Feel free to print this off and put in your binder if you run into this issue with your Metro / Food Basics store.

Thank you for your e-mail.

You are correct, we do accept coupons from www.webSaver.ca as they are mailed to the Customer.

Our Stores are aware of accepting these coupons. We assume that this was an isolated incident at one Store. We will contact the Store Manager regarding the acceptance of webSaver.ca coupons.


Rosa Suddes, Customer Care

To add to this … a memo was sent out to all store managers today …

1. We do not accept any printable coupons from the internet, except coupons from metro.ca.
2. We do accept Manufacturer coupons issued by Save.ca and webSaver.ca and GoCoupons.ca. These coupons are ordered from the website and MAILED to the customer’s home. These coupons are not printed by the customer from the internet.

Please inform your cashiers of the Correction for webSaver.ca coupons. Attached are small signs for your cashiers’ information only.

Thank you Websaver for ensuring all our stores are clear on coupon use so we all can benefit!

4 thoughts on “Websaver Coupon Redemption Problems with Food Basics and Metro

  1. Websaver

    Our pleasure. Thank YOU for being such a great advocate and community builder for the couponing community in Canada.

    Our goal at webSaver.ca is to bring Canadians the most coupons we can. We know there are a lot of different tastes out there so the more the merrier we say! We also know coupon users want choice in mailed out and Printable, it is why we offer both options and encourage brands to always offer both.

    We’ll continue working hard for you and remember, every coupon from webSaver redeemed generates 5 cents to charity! Last year we donated $50,000 on behalf of members like you.

    Save. Live. Give. With Websaver.ca!


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