WE GOT IT FREE! Is couponing worth it? Take a look and see :)

Do ANY of these products appeal to you in this list? Do you think couponing is right for you? Well, with a little help from my 1250 friends over in my couponing/trading/sharing tips Facebook group, we compiled a list for you all to see of the various things couponers in Canada have been able to get for FREE using coupons!  Some products were obtained with FPCs, others were high value coupons that they were able to score free products, some was clearance, some items were free coupons found on packages.  Either way, its FREE!

Check out our list we made for you all to see what a group of couponers have been able to get for FREE (keep in mind, my group formed roughly in February 2012, so this does not take much time!)

CHECK IT OUT HERE  I got it FREE – Canadian Couponers FREE Stuff

Is couponing for you now?  Well I hope it is .. two full rows of FREE food … who wouldn’t love to coupon?  So stick with me and I would love to show you how to get this sort of stuff for your family too!


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