Want to try the NEW Tim Horton’s Dark Roast? TRY IT FREE in LONDON ~ Details in Post

Dark-RoastWant to try the NEW DARK ROAST Tim Horton’s Coffee – FOR FREE? AND get a coupon for another dark roast at a later date to be redeemed at any London Tim Horton’s?!?! INTERESTED??
There are going to be two locations that guests can receive a FREE Tim Horton’s Dark Roast coffee in London, Ontario next week (Nov.25 – Dec. 1), plus receive a coupon for second free Dark Roast coffee that can be redeemed at any London Tim Horton’s locations. There will be a storefront in White Oaks Mall (right next to the information kiosk) and a kiosk in Masonville Place (between the food court and Lululemon). The FREEBIE kiosk will also continue at White Oaks the following the week of Dec. 2 – Dec. 10.  These two locations will be giving out free Dark Roast samples during mall hours from Monday to Sunday + coupon!


Thanks to Kim and Monica for sharing this amazing insider tip!

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