Want to see videos of me and my coupon life? Here are some great videos made to help you save money

Instructional Videos for you to view about couponing 🙂

1) Introduction of me and my stock room

2) My coupon workshop and what to expect

3) How to use Facebook to get some great deals

4) Setting up your binder

5) Where to find coupons

6) Christine interviews MrsJanuary

7) Shopping with Coupon Christine #1 – How to price match fruit, coupon lingo, and coupon zone coupons + manufacturer coupons

8) Shopping with Coupon Christine #2 – MIR, Coupons on products, how to be organized

9 Shopping with Coupon Christine #3– How to get the most bang for your buck with FPCs, Gift cards purchased at RCSS, travel size and coupons

10) The In Between Stage: From Mailbox to Coupon Binder

11) My littlest fan 🙂

12) London Under 30 Show – RogersTV, London, Ontario

13) Giving Back – Couponing for the Good, London, Ontario


Article about me in The Londoner

 Coupon Christine’s article in the Londoner






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