Want to join my Challenge – the 21 DAY FIX! The #1 HOME fitness program!

Want to be READY for the SUMMER – feel better? then JOIN my amazing group because we are on a MISSION to lose INCHES, get healthier and be more energized!

I have recently started a 21 day fix program for myself – but have decided I need a team to join me.  I love sharing tips, advice and motivation.  the 21 day fix is the #1 home fitness program of all time. You will have a health and fitness group where you get  free coaching (from me), meal planning ideas and support from the group. Every day after your 30 minute workout you check in with the group you will be encouraged to commit because …. well it is 21 days!  People 21-day-fix-560 (1)are losing up to 15 pounds in just 21 days. Here is a few links for you to see the results and program 

The 30 minute home work outs target the entire body. They are all varied each day – cardio, upper body, lower body, strength, yoga, Pilates and the most amazing 10 minute ab workout. Love that I am never bored with the rotating workout schedule AND its 30 minutes!!! Done and DONE!  When you are finished you check in with our online group and let us know how the work out went and that you finished.

You also have weekly weigh ins with your coach by sending a picture of your feet on the scale every Monday. I couldn’t have done it without the support of this amazing group!  Look at their pictures!!!  My team!

In order to get started, you would purchase the program (i.e. everything you need is mailed right to you from BeachBody – 5 business days). Most people order the challenge pack. The challenge pack includes the workouts (on DVDs), portioned containers for the meal plan, and a month supply of shakeology. Do you know anything about Shakeology? it’s pretty amazing. Shakeology is a healthy shake made up of super foods that most challengers have for breakfast. I was skeptical of this at first – didn’t think I was a shake type person – but it’s actually really delicious. I love the chocolate blended with frozen strawberries, ice, water and vanilla almond milk or natural PB and a banana! It really helps with sweets cravings. Most people get the challenge pack since shakeology is so discounted in it. It is definitely worth getting the challenge pack so you do get a month of discounted shakes.

EMAIL me if you have QUESTIONS – I am here to help – I want to be the most amazing coach that gets you RESULTS!  Email: christine@couponchristine.com OR christine.21dayfix.coach@gmail.com.  Please do not leave comments below, I will not see them quickly enough to get you into my challenge group





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