Understanding Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Card Point System:Tips, Tricks and Insider Information


To start be  sure you have created an online optimum account on your mobile app. Check frequently  for updates on personalized offers, coupons you can load onto your account, create a shopping list from the flyer and more! For more info go here.

Understanding the basics :

Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Point Information

15x the points…20x the points…Redemption Days…Bonus Redemption days…What do all these things mean? Have you ever wondered how people get so much free stuff from the Shoppers Optimum Points Program and wanted to learn how, and how to best maximize your earning and spending of optimum points? Well keep reading!

The Basics:

With the optimum program you earn 10 points for every $1 you spend before taxes. So if you spend $50 you will earn 500 points. Once you have accumulated enough points you can go in and “redeem” your points for varying amounts of money off your purchases, but you will always pay the taxes. Below are the denominations of points and how much money you then get for free when you redeem those points:


*       8000 pts = $10

*       22 000 pts = $30

*       38 000 pts = $60

*       50 000 pts = $85

*       95 000 pts = $170


It pays more to accumulate your points and redeem at the higher levels because as you can see what would normally be worth $10 (8000 pts) if you redeem that 3 times to spend $30 you actually end up redeeming 24 000 points where as if you had waited you would have only redeemed 22 000 pts for $30. This gets even bigger at the very highest level so if you redeemed $85 twice you would spend an extra 5 000 points than if you had waited until you reached 95 000 pts to redeem.

EARN Points Events:

Most of you are probably saying – well what is the point in buying products at shoppers, yes I’m earning points but things are more expensive to buy there! My answer to that is – Sometimes… I personally only shop at Shoppers Drug Mart on their bonus point days. Every couple of weeks (sometimes months) they have special days that you can earn extra points. There are 4 types of these events:

*       20x the points days when you spend $50 or more before taxes (usually a single day event)

*       15x the points when you spend $75 or more before taxes on BEAUTY/FRAGRANCE products (usually a week long event)

*       Bonus 20x the points day when you spend $50 or more before taxes that will be a secret event only advertised to Optimum members via email (you will need to print and bring in a coupon to get your points)

*       Earn 18 500 points when you spend $75 or more before taxes on anything

In addition to those events there are often select items each week that have extra points if you buy them (sometimes you can earn 1000 points for buying two items from the same brand, or 300 points for everyone 1 item you buy etc.)

So lets do the math:

If I usually would earn 500 points by spending $50 on a 20x the points day I now earn 10 000 points – that’s already more than $10 off! So if I do this a couple times in the year, I can usually earn enough points for a redemption of $85 or $170. If you think about the 18 500 points bonus days – if you would have spent that $75 on a 20x the points day you would have earned 15 000 points…but if you spend that $75 during the 18 500 points promotion you get an extra 3 500 points.

Now all of this considered, it is not worth it if you are spending a lot more for products at Shoppers Drug Mart than you would else where, this is where watching the sales comes in. Shoppers often has some great sales (especially on pop and some food items that you wouldn’t expect!) so watch for those sales that coincide with those bonus earning days!

What About Coupons?  

Firstly make sure you have loaded your personalized coupons  on your mobile app. When you see an offer you like – load it directly to your Optimum Card. No more printing coupons! Once you have loaded the coupons to your Optimum Card, you can scan your personal Shoppers Optimum Card with your next qualifying purchase and the coupon will automatically be applied to your purchase. You can present your plastic or digital Card, it’s the same thing. Read about the mobile app here if you have questions.

Now you are probably asking me – well I’m reading this on a couponing website, so what do coupons have to do with earning points? Well you can use them on your purchases!  A question that always comes up around these bonus earning days is do I have to spend $50 before or after coupons? No matter what it is always before tax, but it is also BEFORE COUPONS.  Follow these easy steps to make sure you always get your points even if you spend less than $50 once your coupons are deducted:

  1. Calculate the cost of items as you are putting them in your cart/basket – this way you will know for sure you spent $50 before coupons and taxes – so I always have my calculator on my phone open and if I put something in my cart that is 6.99 I punch that in to my calculator and the add the next item and so on. Once I’m over $50 I’m ready to go to the checkout.
  2. At the checkout counter before I place my items up to be scanned, I hand over my Optimum card ( scanning digital or plastic). This makes sure I a) don’t forget about it and b) it is scanned first and instantly the system recognizes me as an Optimum member. If this is a secret event than hand over your printed coupon for the 20x the points at this time too!
  3. Have the cashier scan all your items and give you a subtotal of what you owe, Any digital discounts you have loaded will be applied .  I usually keep my paper coupons hidden from the cashier and ask “how much is it?” and when she says $54.37, I then hand over my paper coupons (Remember coupons are a form of legal tender!) and then invariably the cashier tells me I’ve dropped below $50 and I wont get my points = IGNORE THIS!!! It is not the cashier that has to do anything to give you points, it’s automatic, and you will still get them.
  4. Pay your remaining amount and get your receipt and check out how many awesome points you have to spend next time!

** The only exception to this is free product coupons ( FPC)  – they don’t get entered into the system in the same way so they do not count towards the before tax total**

Click here for SDM COUPON Policy information explained – leave it in your binder!


Before you do your shopping, why not go buy a gift card for $50 since you will be spending that anyway to get the bonus points.  You will NOT earn bonus points (20x the points for example) on the gift card purchase, you will however earn a free 500 points just for picking up that gift card 🙂 Some great advice is if you know a bonus day is coming up, head on over to a shoppers before the bonus day to get your gift card in advance, saves you time on BONUS day 🙂

Redemption Day pointers! 

Every few months Shoppers Drug Mart hosts special days to redeem your points and get bonus money. You can always redeem your points at any time for the amounts I listed above. However, on redemption days or “Spend Your Points” Events if you redeem higher amounts of points they give you extra money to spend. In a normal spend your points event if you redeem 50 000 points they give you $100 off instead of the normal $85 an extra $15! If you redeem 95 000 points during this event they will give you $200 off (an extra $30 from the normal $170). So it does really pay to spend your points on these special days! Interestingly enough, you can still use coupons in these events and get even more stuff for your money (I’m a huge fan of more stuff for less money!)



1) Bring a calculator … every time you throw something into your cart, key in the price listed ON the shelf (before taxes).  You need to make sure your subtotal reaches above the $$ threshold to claim your points (ex. to claim 8,000 points you need to have your subtotal ring in at or above $10)

2) Buying GROCERIES during redemption is in your best interest.  NO TAX! 

3) Take your binder of coupons, never know when something AWESOME shows up on those clearance racks near the back of the store

4) If you aren’t too sure about whether you reached the point value to redeem and you are a few bucks off, you can ask the cashier to suspend your order so you can go back into the store and get yourself up to that value.  Common procedure they have no problem doing

5) The shopping carts at SDM aren’t that large, so consider bringing some enviro friendly bags that you can attach to the cart

6) I love doing my SDM shopping with a buddy!  Great source of fun + 4 eyes are way better then 2 😉

7) If you think your store is going to be busy the day of redemption, consider heading into the 24 hour stores around 1030pm/11pm and shopping late into the evening and checking out just after midnight on the day of redemption! You not only have quieter stores, but often times you meet fellow couponers that love to chat and share great deals!

8) Reminder you CAN use coupons! Once you calculate the subtotal for all the items using the prices listed on the shelf, you would add applicable taxes to the items that are taxed, THEN deduct the coupons from that price.  Sometimes this is more difficult to calculate in stores if you are mixing taxable vs. non-taxable items.  So I typically take subtotal from prices on shelf – coupons and get an approximate amount I should be at when I am finished.

9) You can also pre-purchase a Shoppers Gift Card prior to the main event (I suggest NOT doing it the day of if you can help it, as some cashiers are very very busy that day).  If you want to spend $50 at SDM to get 20x the points for example, buy a gift card a head of time for $50 .. you earn the REGULAR amount on SDM gift cards (only these gift cards earn you points, not any others), and you will earn 500 FREE points!  Then use that gift card when you are shopping. 

10) On redemption days, you cannot use your points to get gift cards.  i.e. if you want to redeem 38,000 points and get $60 worth of gift cards, you cannot do that.  It has to be on merchandise purchased inside the store (with some exclusions such as tobacco, lottery tickets and prescriptions such that you cannot redeem our points to purchase these items). 

Finally, the last redemption day of the year is a great time to do last minute shopping! So if you are like me, I accumulate points all year at bonus shopping events and then I redeem them at the end of November or beginning of December event  for stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts which makes shopping that much more fun and giving that much better! It is always a great time to pick up things to donate at this time of year too. I usually spend some of the extra money that Shoppers gives me buying baby food to donate to Food Banks because it’s always a busy time of year.

So there you have it – Shoppers Optimum Explained – Keep an eye on your flyer for sales, earn points events, spend points events and various items on special with bonus points attached every week and you will be a pro in no time at all! Just remember, this is a great program, so don’t abuse it, we would hate to lose such an awesome money making program because there are a few bad apples out there 😉 Happy Earning!








104 thoughts on “Understanding Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Card Point System:Tips, Tricks and Insider Information

  1. Angie Doucet

    Hi 🙂

    Before I start shopping, I go to the cash and buy a SDM gift card to pay my stuff at the end of the shopping. I gets points when I buy the card and also get the same regular points that I would usually get with my purchase when paying at the end 🙂 This is another way of getting more points!!!

    Thanks Coupon Christine for sharing great tips with us 🙂

  2. Alexandra

    This is SO helpful! I was so confused about how this all worked as I am new to the couponing world. I will definitely refer to this in the future!

  3. christine

    Thanks Alexandra – I agree, its one of the best things I have seen to explain SDM points 🙂
    (not biased AT ALL 😉

  4. barbara vail

    I have a question. I went to Shoppers with two printed coupons for the same item, and picked up two items, one for each coupon. I was told at the cash register that I could only use one coupon per purchase. I had two items, one for each coupon, and splitting the purchase would have put me under the $75 threshold. I ended up paying full price for the one item because all my items were already rung in. Does that seem right? As long as I’m not using 2 coupons for one item shouldn’t I be able to buy two items using two separate coupons?

    • christine

      This store obviously wanted to give you a tough time. As long as the coupon does not say “one coupon PER customer or transaction” that you should be fine. Coupons that say “one per purchase” you can 100% guaranteed have 1 coupon on top of each product you are purchasing. SO they mislead you and are wrong if this is the case.

      • Stephanie

        Sorry Christine.. I would disagree with your comment. If the coupon says “one per purchase OR one coupon per transaction”.. all the same – a person can pay separately and usually the cashier will allow because customer is going to go to another anyway. I am a salesrep that works for a multinational food company and know this to be true . If you knew the amount of people (extreme couponers I believe they’re called) who steal coupon books that are meant for in store customers and they sell them ,or trade them .. whatever, it is really annoying and discouraging that the coupons left in store are taken and the displays are left barren of the promotion the customer is shopping for & entitled to

        • Stokes21

          I too have worked in retail. One per purchase DOES mean per product. If I have 2 of the same item then I am purchasing this one and I am purchasing that one. 2 products = 2 purchases = 2 separate entities. A transaction on the other hand, is the entire bill. Cashiers often get confused. I’m not an extreme couponer by any means and even this frustrates me.

          They is a very large coupon group in my area and they stress to their followers to not take all the coupons. The store I know of that has a massive coupon board is also the one place that is the most coupon friendly at the cash so the coupons end up getting redeemed there anyways.

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    • Angus G Mac Neil

      To whom it may concern . I made the mistake of leaving home and forgot my receive 8,000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points when you spend $50.00 or more . My purchase ,14 items , $99.96 . Shoppers Optimum # 849 689 742 .Date/Time 13/02/06 10:57:50
      Reference # 66204755 0014660190 C
      Author # 02560Z
      Invoice # 10107620
      My hopes are that I can receive the 8,000 Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points .
      Thanks for your time , Angus G Mac Neil


      • christine

        Angus, you need to contact Shoppers Drug Mart for this inquiry – this is not the right place to get your 8,000 points. I hope you get them 🙂

  6. Jackie

    Hi Christine,
    Thought I’d share an FYI regarding plastic bag purchases (so no one goes thought the same thing I did!)
    I shopped on a 20X the points event (had to spend more than $75). We bought all items needed and were over the 75 mark before taxes. I checked the points balance on the receipt in our car and noticed that I hadn’t gotten 20X the points at all.
    When I went back in the CS called over the CS Manager…turned out the 2 plastic bags I purchased for $0.05 each didn’t count towards the $75 amount! The CS manager said she had to return all the products (I had to fill in a return slip too!) and re-purchase the items plus an add’l $0.10 of product in order to get my bonus points. I think if you’re purchasing the plastic bags, you should get rewards for them! (I didn’t see anything in the fine print about this).

    I’m not sure if this was true or if the CS manager was just having a bad day.

    Thanks and happy shopping on Dec.8th!!

    • Mac

      Thought I’d chime in that this is also true for water cooler bottles. My wife and I learned (after cashing out, and loading our car) that the $10 deposit does not count toward “purchases”, so we went through the same unload-and-return-everything-then-find-something-we-can-top-up-our-cart-with-and-cash-out-again process to get our bonus points.

  7. Vikee

    Today I suffered the most heatbreaking thing since I started couponing.. I went in to SDM for their “spend 100 get 18,500” … My subtotal had to come to 100 or more.. rang in all my items, my subtotal was 101 (before taxes) … Used my coupons.. subtotal went down to 51 (after tax!!!) … Sounds great right? Normally is.. used a bunch of FPC’s I had been saving for just this kind of SDM occassion. Well… I DIDN’T get my points!! Printed up my receipt and no points!! I asked (nicely of course) to speak to someone about it and the manager brought out the paper saying I had to actually SPEND 100 AFTER coupons and discounts to get my points….. I was completely crushed.. I ALWAYS get 20x the points after my coupons.. and it makes sense because they are being reimbursed anyways by the manufacturer.. the poor manager had to bring out a peice of paper saying that the 18500 applied only to purchase before taxes, deductions etc.. SO I think shoppers (or maybe just mine) may have changed their rules.

    • christine

      Shoppers changes their rules daily 🙁 Not far to customers – see above link to the policy that head office has shared online with us all

    • Rozana

      I too experienced a heart breaking experience and if fact am still debating over it with customer service. In November or December 2012 I used 2-coupons with 18500 point value after spending on 2 seperate transactions over $300 total. Stipulation was points would be awarded in Jan 2013. With certainty I recall spending 50000 points in December only because I had 37000 points coming in the Jan 2013. Customer Service is running me in circles by claiming these transactions never happened, followed by claims of no such promotion, developing into 16000 points awarded in error, I shopped on a 20X day, yadayadayada….Since their website only lists last 15 transactions I am at a loss and feel like this battle is lost. Did anyone else recieve in the mail 18 500 point coupons either in Nov/Dec of 2012. I feel betrayed by a retailer I have been loyal to. They lured me in with these 18500 coupons and got over $300 from me and didn’t pay out on points. I inquired at the time of transaction and got confirmation from the cashier coupons were applied and will be awarded in Jan 2013 but recall noting that no where on the reciept did it say such. I’m beginning to think this 18500 coupon with award date of Jan 2013 was a big scam. Anyone else recieve in the mail this coupon?

  8. Lumeena

    Thanks for the great article about Optimum rewards. I learned a lot of new things about this program. I loved your tip about pre-purchasing a $50 gift card to get extra points. Good information. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Aline Laran

    I’ve forgot my optimum card when I’ve purchased medicine. How can I redeem my points? Thank’s

    • christine

      You typically cannot get points on medicine 🙁 But you can call the shoppers 1-800 # – on their website

  10. Mrs PC

    Love this program!

    Took quite a few trips and boo boos before I finally figured it all out. You may have seen me…. furrowed brow, calculator smoking, clenched teeth at the cash, happy dance when they hand over that beautiful receipt with the yummy yummy points. Skipping to the car with sweet treasure and plunder….

    The gift card is a great tip as is the Dec bonus redemption (netbooks, Godiva and perfume for Christmas :O) Mwahahaha)

  11. Zak

    I like the helpful information you supply in your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and test once more right here regularly.
    I’m relatively certain I will be told many new stuff proper right here! Good luck for the following!

  12. Shauna

    I am new to the SDM points system. I have searched their website–how do you redeem your points??!!

    • christine

      Good morning Shauna, you ask at cash/check out to redeem your points off your card. THey will scan your card to see how many points you have and if you have enough (you have to be over the level of points to redeem ex. you need 95000 or MORE to get $220 off, if you are sitting at 93000, you cannot redeem)

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  14. Jonas

    Admiring the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth
    information you provide. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated
    rehashed material. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  15. Lori

    after cashier rang everything in and i paid…she said that i was suppose to print the coupon…..however it didnt say that on the email i got from shoppers…i made them return everything 170 dollars worth and told them that i will shop at another shoppers instead….the asst mgr said there was nothing she could do and i would have to drive home and print it,i live a half hour away…frustrating to say the least!

    • christine

      Yes, those bonus days – you are required to print those coupons to redeem for 20x the points
      Sorry if that wasn’t clear in the post

      • Char

        Have you had points added to your account before? I am having an issue with SDM and my points. I am getting the ‘nothing they can do’ speech. Very disappointed, to say the least.

        • LeighW

          Yep, twice. I think there was a problem with my printer because the coupons wouldn’t can properly. When I got home I called the 1-800 number, and they were able to add the points to my account manually. I checked online and the points were there a few days later

  16. Rhonda

    I received a $20 worth of shoppers optimum points with $60 of purchase coupon via email. It is valid for Sept 24 and 25 and it says points will be awarded to your account by end of day October 2, 2013. It says in the fine print maximum of 16,000 points per offer regardless of total dollar value of transaction. My question is, can I go in once on Sept 24 and purchase $60 worth of product and get the 16,000 and then do the same the next day and get another 16,000?

  17. Rhonda

    The coupon also says at the bottom “Limit of one coupon per customer per day”. I called 1-800 Shoppers and they said it should have been printed as one coupon per customer per event. Wondering if they will have to honour the points if purchased on two separate days due to it saying “one coupon per customer per day”.

  18. 2ManyBoyz

    Have you heard what the upcoming redemption are? I have been saving for six months an d have 190,000+ points I only buy items on sale and only on bonus days!) and am wondering about the yearly early December bonus redemption. Last year it was $220 and used to be $250 (for 95,000 points) and wondering if anyone knows what is coming up? Looking forward to free Christmas gifts!

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  22. Rans

    Thks for your info –

    A little trick – I had a large of RBC Avion pts – and was frustrated with trying to spend them as often I was only getting a return of 0.75 – 1 % on my points when I woudl try and buy flight tickets and taxes/fees were HUGE.

    SO – I transferred all my pts to Optimum pts – have nearly 2,5 million pts and only spend them on SHoppers spend your pts events and end up getting a return of 1.2-1.5% on my points.

    Which brings me to my question – do you get points for the purchases you make during a spend your points event? If so – can you use extra point coupons to get even more points?


  23. andrea

    Hi, Quick question regarding 20X the points days
    I bought xx amounts of dollars to receive the 20x that will be applied in 5 business day
    amount of regular points earned 1760
    digital bonus points earned 7000 (for pull ups)
    will I get the 20x on the pull up bonus as well as my regular points earned or just the regular points of 1760?

  24. Peter

    I’ve a question about Shopper’s return/refund policy.

    What if I redeemed a large amount of points for some large item. And then, I return the item. Do they charge the points back to my card? Or is the item considered finalized?


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  26. Shoppersshopper

    can u pay your 75$ purchase in full with a gift card and still get 18500points or 20x bonus?

      • Martha

        Yes! You can use a SDM gift card for your purchase and earn the bonus points. A week or so ago they had a promotion where if you buy $175 in gift cards you get 8000 bonus points. I bought Shoppers gift cards, and used them the same day during a 20x the points with $75 purchase, and got all the points I should have. You cannot use points to buy gift cards (shopper’s drug mart or otherwise), and buying gift cards to not count towards 20x, or bonus point dollar threshold amounts.

  27. Martha

    Is this still active? I’m curious about earning bonus points when redeeming? For instance, if I’m redeeming my points for my purchase, and I purchase items that have a promotion (8000 bonus if you buy 2, 10000 for spending x amount on x brand, etc), do you get those bonus points?

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  29. Jean

    can I still collect points if I have reached the maximum $95,000 level.
    I want to redeem them when you have the $200 off for redeeming all your points?

  30. fawn desiree

    I purchase all my make up at SDM. Although food and other household items are more expensive, their higher end makeup is the same price as everywhere else. So instead of buying it at the Bay or Sephora I get it at SDM on the big points days. (ie 20x). Also, The ladies are usually quite generous when I ask for free samples they might have behind the counter as well. I get lots of goodies from being super nice to the cashier in the makeup department 😉

  31. Zippy

    I love Sdm! I accumulated just over 200k ( 95kx2+), I waited, waived redemption days because nothing I really wanted. I use sdm digital deals all year. I shop clear out grocery for my family and always buy basics there. I do redeem throughout the yr as well.
    Anyways tips to maximize; shop late @ night or early morning for clear out food items. Get your bonus deals all yr on products for Christmas ( beauty events 20X, cosmetic clear outs), redeem on Boxing Day in Canada up to 60%off gift packs, chocolate etc. My best example mens fusion gift pack gift pack price 19.99 and 27.99. I got both of these for just under $12.00. I redeemed 50k /$85.00, saved $98@bottom of receipt from regular price of items. Then spent 50k/$85 on household, cleaning and grocery.
    You can only redeem points 2x in 1 day- make it count 😉 it’s a great way to start the new year and makes Christmas shopping easier when you shop, get promo points and promos and voila your done with tons of points to redeem.

  32. BigBadMamoo

    Question for the Optimum experts:

    I have two digital coupons available to be loaded on my account. One is for 6000 bonus points on $30 spend, the other is for 8000 bonus points on $30 spend. Should I load both to my card or only the 8000? What happens if I have both active? Thanks!

    • Dave Robinson

      I’m curious about this. I’ve never seen two coupons like that active at the same time. Usually I can load both, but one expires before the other one starts. Can you confirm that they are both active that the same time?

  33. Dave Robinson

    This site really helped me! Here’s a spreadsheet that’ll help you calculate the redemption rate if you use all of these tricks together. Normal purchases only get you 1.25% value back for each dollar you spend, but when you use these tips together, you can actually get more than 100% back for each dollar you spend. Take a look at this value calculator: https://goo.gl/nJryCH

  34. Mel

    Do you get credited Optimum points for the full amount when you make a redemption? If you bought something for $200 and used $95,000 for $170 off, would you then be awarded points on $200 or on $30?

    • Tammy

      Also wondering this as I’m looking to get a new laptop & would like to use my saved up Optimum points towards the purchase but don’t want to miss out on the 20X the points event that is going on.

  35. Adel

    I currently have about 203,000 Pts approximately $350 and I am planning on buying a PS4. Can I use all my points at once and purchase it paying off the $79 difference?

    Thank you in advance…

    • Betty

      Short answer, no. It’s one redemption per purchase per human. Just got off the horn with a Shoppers manager who explained it to me because I was going to do the same to get an xBox OneS. There’s a spend your points coming up on the 26/27 November 2016 and there’s a promo on Nov 19/20 for console gaming systems where you get a $100 GC with purchase (including PS4), which in my case, saves me more money than waiting for the extra points event, I think. Good luck!

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  39. Bruce

    Are the cost of my prescription drugs included when points are awarded? My meds add up to hundreds of dollars a month, but I see very little gain in my points value. How many points are awarded per dollar spent?. Also, I have a plan which pays for most of my cost, with me paying a nominal amount out of pocket. (ie; if a med costs $100, I pay $0.35 Do i still get points for the full $100 spent? I am after all paying for the plan. If not, why not and where do those unawarded points go?

  40. Pamela

    2 applicable offers for bonus points – can both be used?
    This week SDM flyer is offering 18,500 bonus points on a $75 purchase, valid Sat/Sun.
    Also, I received a personal offer in email to earn 15x the points on a $75 purchase valid for the week.
    Will I receive points on both offers? (I am guessing likely not.) Does cash register automatically chose which one applies?
    Thanks in advance for any guidance offered.

  41. Betty

    Pay attention to your points. I just lost 30.000 points without explanation. I didn’t cash it at all. Just gone by itself. I am still waiting for the explanation. I have receipts to prove this.

  42. Gem

    A customer ahead of me asked to redeem $60. Was told transaction didn’t go through because she was using personalized SDM email coupons. She could only cash in points if not using personalized coupons. There is no mention of this anywhere on SDM’s website.

    I have never tried to cash in points together with a seniors’ discount, and hope there would be no issue.

  43. ned stark

    Thoughtful piece , I am thankful for the facts , Does someone know where my assistant would be able to get ahold of a blank CA APP-012 form to work with ?

  44. Rhonda

    Does anyone know about the news on the optimum program ending? Or if there is a spend your points event coming up? Sorry to see this program end!

  45. Melissa Gervais

    I know you said that on the redemption days to you can’t buyou gift cards with your points. Can you do buy gift cards with the points on regular days?
    I now have about 550$ worth of points …

  46. Lauren

    Hi there! I can’t seem to find an answer to this question anywhere and I’m hoping you all can help.

    With the digital coupons that we receive weekly for Optimum, if one says “receive 10,000 points when you spend $60”, will I still receive the 10,000 points if the way I pay for my $60 purchase is with optimum points or does the purchase need to be made with cash/credit for the coupon to be valid?


  47. Catherine alexander

    I am asking myself something.
    Let say that I have $60.00 to exchange from my points
    Do I have to pay the taxes or it could be included
    In the amount that I am exacting?
    Thank you

  48. Donna

    I am very disappointed with SDM.
    I have been very patient and have accumulated $350 worth of points. I wanted to save for a bigger item that I would normally not be able to afford.
    I was going to buy a T.V. with my points of the weekend in Nov that gave back points when you redeemed them. I was not allowed to use all my points. I was told that I could only redeem 95,000 max at any one time.
    This is not right. If I spend the $$ needed to get the points, I should be able to use them, as many of them as I choose.
    Needless to say, I did not but the T.V. and I will not be collecting any more points. Most of the products at Shopper’s are less anywhere else. There is no value in shopping at SDM any more.

  49. Rhonda

    There is lots of rules that are not known to most people when accumulating or using points. The last spend event in Nov. where you could only use a max of 95,000 points per transaction was fairly clear – although yes it is unfortunate that you can’t use more at one time for bigger items. It gave you back 30,000 points for the 95,000 point transaction but what it didn’t tell you is that you could only do this twice in 1 day. So if you went multiple times and spent 95,000 points each time you only will only get back 60,000 points max. This is hidden in SDM terms and regulations – something no one would have read. Also re earlier posts – you cannot use personal coupons when you redeem points – like 18,500 on $75.00, however you do seem to get small bonus points on items like 500 points when you buy a certain brand of bread. Definitely not the place it used to be before Loblaws came on board. Will be losing lots of customers who really valued the old optimum program. Straight up super spend where you got 220.00 for 95,000 points. Those days are gone. But these programs do seem to bend to customer outrage. I’m cashing in all points and shopping other places unless they return to the old program. At this point though, everything points to them doing away with the program at some point.

  50. Caroline

    I have a question:

    In your experience, can you earn shoppers optimum points in the same transaction when you redeem them? Just wondering if when I purchase the $170 worth of stuff with my 95 000 points, if I will still earn points (and bonus points) on the $170 value?

  51. Carmen

    Stay away from shoppers optimum they scam you out of points and even if you spend thousands of dollars and you are a loyal customer they don’t care it doesn’t count anything for them I had 60$ worth of dollars and because I only used 30$ they told me that I’m left with less than 10$ dollars I don’t know how they can do this you costumer so in other your ripped of 30$ I’ll never even shop with them again this is how they say thank you and screw you be aware of those scammers don’t trust them and if you have any amount of money to Redeem all of them at once or they’re going to scam you customers beware

  52. Patricia

    I have been with Shoppers Drug Mart for years and have always been happy,until the day I never got my card back after spending $142,now I either didn’t pick it up or it was not given back and being that I know the staff well I figure it was my mistake and didn’t pick up, when I reported the card missing and it happened within the Store I was given a replacement card, fine ,but I lost almost $50,000 points as after every shop I was told it can take 4 weeks to go through ,well today was my 5th week, again I spent over $100 ,and only have 2,290 so now I am totally disappointed, my fault or not you would think this day and age there would be some way to know whoever used the card it was not theirs to use.
    Will I still shop at Drug Mart, yes, the Staff are friendly and being I worked in retail in Scotland UK,to make your customers welcome is great.

  53. stack

    wow I have been reading a bunch of these story time messages. people, half of them are just bad advice crying about what they really Don`t understand . Yes redeem points you pay the Prov sales tax. Not on food though,cause there is none Coupons …………1 per/ visit or go in circles with the rest per transaction.! Optimum offers can not be combined with any Offers…. ah just go read before listening to others on here that are complaining on topics they are just not reading up on . yes Rx purchases you get points~ But not on over the counter Codeine pre~paid cards.. tobbaco < phased out) post office in the back of some SDM`s…Lottery Tickets. View all- FAQ`s even the one`s you personally load to card ! have a nice day ladies .

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  55. Julie

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