“Try a Class on Us”: FREE London Spectrum Class – this weekend

play your wayOHH everyone loves FREE and after a few days of being cooped up in the house with the kids, it may just be perfect timing for London’s Spectrum to give us parents a break.

SO why not “Try a Class on Us” event this weekend. Its a FREE EVENT for people to come try a Spectrum class. There is a schedule of classes up online and then there is a waiver form for parents to complete before hand or they can fill it out when they arrive. There are programs for all ages. Here is the link for more information that includes time, location, type of activity offered, etc – CLICK HERE to VIEW THE FREE EVENTS

I would like to thank Steph from Spectrum for getting in touch with me personally about this great event. I am a HUGE fan of Spectrum courses, they are priced right and offer a HUGE selection of varying different activities for kids of all ages.

Spectrum’s SPRING/SUMMER schedule will be released the week of FAMILY DAY(February 17-23rd) so mark your calendars to make sure you check out what you will be signing your children up for when the weather is a bit more balmy 🙂

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